My resume - partial complete

My resume here is partial complete. If you would like a complete resume please email me using the email displayed in this blog.

Name : will disclose in the email
Address : will disclose in the email

Specialty :
1. Web based system programming (ASP, PHP)
2. Client based system programming (VB)
3. Server scripting programming (Perl, BASH)
4. Database administration (MySQL 4.x, 5.x, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 2005)
5. Web server administration (Apache 1.3.x to 2.2.x, IIS 6 & 7)
6. Operating system administrator (Linux based OS, Windows 2000 & 2003 & 2008 Server, VMWare ESX 4.x)
7. PC security (setting firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware)
8. I can repair my own PC & servers if its broken (if I has enough tools and spare-part)
9. Overseen a smartcard implementation at USM main campus from 2005 - 2008
10. Cluster & grid computing (un-specialized in parallel programming, I know the theory but never write a program in parallel).
11. DNS administrator. Currently migrating local DNS into Windows-based DNS (integrating with AD) and external DNS into BIND newest version.
11. List of operating systems and its variants that I have/had use/try :-
Linux (Slackware, Fedora Core, Centos and Ubuntu)
Windows - Desktop based (XP, Vista, 7); Server based (2003 & 2008 Enterprise Edition, 2008 Enterprise R2)
Unix (Sun Solaris 8 & 9, HP UX)
12. I know about servers. Buy them, install them and maintain them. To date, I have buy 2 5U rack based servers, 3 2U rack based servers, 35 1U rack based servers, 7 blade servers, 5 storage blade servers, 3 42U rack with its equipments and 1 blade infrastructure a.k.a enclosure. I can use any server's brand and model. I have IBM, HP, Sun and Dell's servers ranging from Sun Fire 4100 to IBM x3650 to HP c7000 Enterprise Enclosure. Currently I maintain/co-maintain 4 open source servers (1 for website - co-maintain with my colleague, 2 for USM Elearning purposes - co-maintain with my colleague, and 1 my testbed - my playground), 3 DNS servers (2 based on FreeBSD and 1 based on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition), 1 VMware testing server. In the past (and present), I've installed and maintained 4 application servers (Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, passed to the new administrator after I've transferred to network section), 1 Centos 5.5 server for Penerbit USM, 1 Centos 5.4 server for a PTJ at USM. The rest, it is distributed to other units and branches in the department. I also know about virtualization and how to do it. Currently testing (and successfully installed and implement servers on VMware environment) a VMWare server without formal training.
13. I've passed MITPE (Malaysia IT Professional Examination) on the year 2006. The MITPE is based on Japanese IT Exam. I also attended an ITAC course sponsored by AOTS and Japanese Government in the year 2007.

About me :
I'm an independent worker. Just tell me what to do, how much the budget and the dateline and I will do it without always disturbing the management. I think I'm funny (but I think my friend think I'm not). Always try to do a joke in writing (although not always succeed). Previously, I wear sandal to work and I'm preferred wearing T-shirt when I'm working. I'm handle meeting informally. I always call the meeting(s) that I handle as discussion (because I think people afraid the word meeting and also I noticed that people more relax if you call for a discussion). Oh, and I can wear suit if the situation need me to.

I'm always explore a new thing (that interest me). And I can help people in solving their problem (although I has difficulty to help people when I'm busy). I like anime, J-drama (Japanese drama), science fiction and fantasy very much because it make me think and imagine. I has a family (a wife and 2 sons) and I expect the work will not make me stay at the office for 24 hours (although I can stay if there is a need). Family is important to me.

I can work anywhere in Malaysia or around the world although I'm prefer working at Penang (because I already buy a home there), Kuala Lumpur, Sg Petani, Kuantan, K Terengganu, Langkawi. I also interest in working outside Malaysia especially at Greater Tokyo area (been there, so now a little bit to go around there), Osaka, Dubai, London, New York, Washington, California, Beijing and Shanghai. I has an international passport that valid until 2011 (will renew later expired on Disember 2011).

(If you need additional write-up about me, please request it using email).

Salary :
Between RM 3,500 and above (the highest offered till date is RM 4,000 from a multinational company).

Contact person :
1. My ex-boss and supervisor : Prof RA
2. My current boss : Mr ZH, Mr MFI
3. My colleagues and friends : Mr H, Mr MSS, Mr MSK, Mr WSA, Ms SA and others

I will give you my contact person upon request (please request at the email).

If my not-so-unique characters pique your interest and suitable with any job that you want to offer, please contact me.

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