Being born into a family where almost everything we prepared ourselves (at least during my childhood), it is not a surprise whenever I watch some cooking program or someone cooking, I have urge to try it. Some recipe I did tried (e.g : Jamie Oliver's recipe), and mostly I didn't.

What made me very sad is that, I didn't learn most of the recipe from my aunt when she still alive. Yes, I stay up @ help her sometimes when someone order food from her but mostly I just look. I didn't ask, for an example, why the heck we need to put lots of butter into dodol telur. Mostly I know the reason when I watch the cooking program. I know 'daun pandan' can add a delightful aroma in food or drinks. That's why its used extensively by my late aunt when she making 'urat emas' or 'air sirap' or 'cara manis'.

Notes : 'cara manis' is like 'cara berlauk'. The difference is that, in the center of 'cara manis' contain sugar and its colour is green.

On Saturday and Sunday, I watch 'Resipi Istana', a new program from TV9. I was delighted when they cook 'daging gulung' although my family named it as 'dadar gulung'. The recipe is almost the same. The slight difference is when we fry the 'dadar gulung'. I've been tempted to try it. Its my favourite dish. Its good, really.

Actually, I miss my late aunt cooking. That's why I write this post. I miss the 'pengat pisang', 'puding pisang', 'dadar gulung', 'cara berlauk', 'cara manis', 'buah melaka', 'puding buah'. Seriously, I miss all sort of lauk and kuih-muih prepared by her.

Notes : just in case people start asking, I've been raised by my grandparents and aunts. Usually during school holiday, I will went and live with my parents. My parents will be back during weekends and public holiday. Most of the time, my sisters and I spend days at my grandparent's place. It is easier there, because the ones who teach us reading Al-Quran, live nearby. We went to nearby school although I went to boarding school when I was in Form 1 (the school still near). After I enter matriculation, I sleeps at my parent's home but sometimes I sleep at my grandparent's. Usually when I want to meet with my friends or just want to cycle around town. When my parent's home 'siap' around the time I at the university, I always sleep at the house. I cycle sometimes to my grandparent's home (its near). When I start work, during holiday, I usually stop by at my grandparent's place. Usually I bought something for them like fruits or drinks. Sometimes I gave some money, usually to my late grandmother and aunt. Both of them are gone now. Just my grandfather live at the house and with my youngest uncle.

Writing this really bring back all those memories. Damn, I nearly crying. :)

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