Computer Science

I've never had any ideas that I'm going to enter computing world ten years ago. Its all started when I talked with the school's counselor during recess time. The thing was, although I'm can be considered as fat, I rarely eat during recess time (when at the school). I usually spent time wandered everywhere around the school. During form four, I've taken an interest in counseling activities, thus I became closer with the school's counselor at that time Ustaz Halim.

During one of our small talk, he said this "Sekarang orang dok cakap pasal dunia IT. Nanti bila masuk universiti, cuba mintak course IT". I've just listened of it. I think I said something, but its soo long ago and I've forgotten. At that time, my interest was in Astronomy.

At that time, I can use and explore a computer but still I didn't had any interest in the computing field. Until when I went into matriculation. At the center, I discovered the first virus that infected the computers there. And I view the code, and behold, I'm thunderstruck with the simplicity of the code yet it can do some damage to the computer. I've changed the code a little bit by printing a couple of messages. It was nice is all that I think at that time.

I also taken an interest in computer gaming. I bought a gaming magazine and surf the Net to read news about gaming world whenever I can. Then I discovered Hotmail. I've created an account there although there is no one will emailing me. You've noticed how I develop a like in the field.

When I need to choose what course that I like, I never hesitated. I choose a Computer Science field at USM. I've got my Maths A at that time and I prayed hard enough so I can get my English A.

I'm so happy when I discovered I've got the course. And there I was, for 3 years, I learn (and 'ponteng') whatever and whenever I can. I've taken an interest in programming although I sometimes too lazy to do it.

I think I choose a right course. I'm now generally happy working in IT field. I learn new things everyday. Currently I particularly like maintaining hardware although I still keep the programming knowledge in a nice condition. I never dream to become rich when choosing this field. And you can never become rich in computing field. If you want to become rich, become a salesman or a traders. Never become a programmer. You can make a living but not rich. :D

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