Let's talk about this blog

This blog welcome once again Google Adsense as the main advertiser. Nuffnang's ads are being replaced with Google Ads. But there is a Nuffnang's ad that still remain in here mostly because I get more clicks on that ad. :)

And I know the blog's layout is soo Web 1.1. I'm too lazy to change the layout. Currently the new design is just appear in my head. :P

Today, I talked with Cyberizman. I get some idea to segregate the site into several sites. Let see how it works. Currently the tags play their role smoothly but not sure how it will work when the posts reach more than 300 posts.

I don't have time yet to post new reviews here and some users 'asked' for more tutorial for Linux OS. Maybe later. Currently busying myself by writing how to use Open Office 3 in Malay.

There are other things that I want to change in this blog. Too lazy to do it.

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