Another long weekend

Another long weekend this week and the next. This week my family come and visit us. The purpose was sending my brother and sister back to their respective universities. On Sunday night we stayed at EDC UUM (UUM's hotel). The environment is nice and the food is not too expensive. Total for 5 persons were RM 71.50. Last time when I brought along my siblings for dinner, the cost was RM 150++.

Both children like it when we stayed at hotels (any hotel). They can play around until evening. When we waited for our dinner (at EDC), we just let them play around near the restaurant. Both eat a lot and Danial keep drinking carrot juice with milk (carrot susu). Let see how they behave when they at Genting next week. Hehehe.

This coming Monday and Tuesday I'm on leave. I've planned to watch a few films like Avatar and Storm Warriors. Let see if I can get any tickets tomorrow. On Tuesday maybe we just tour the island. I really want to go to Toy Museum or War Museum. But the place is far apart (alasan je sebenarnya). Hehehe.

I've keep thinking whether I want to fill the form for 2 weeks training at KL. With the wireless projects still in progress, I reluctant to go. Let see the progress this week.

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