Eating out at Kenny Roger's

Malaysia is blessed with a lot of public holiday. There is a Christmas holiday, Eidul-Fitri, Eidul-Adha, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Thaipusam, Wesak, Hijrah New Year, New Year, and etc.

Today (Friday) is the beginning of our 3-in-a-rows where weekends will start on Friday. Today is the public holiday for Hijrah New Year (or Awal Muharram as fondly known here). Next week is a Christmas day, then the other week is a New Year holiday. So, its a long holiday. The other 2 weeks, I've planned something to do. This weekend nothing.

When I went back from buying breakfast, I told my wife we will go out for lunch. Unluckily, those two brothers slept before lunch, so, I decided I will buy some dishes at Awet Muda. Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak, Ikan Bawal Pedas and Sambal Belacan were bought by me. As usual, my favourite counter person was in charge today to count the dish's price. And as usual, I've got lower price from her compare to other person there.

We went out after the children had their evening bath. The signed that there will be a traffic jam at Queensbay revealed itself immediately when I'm out from the apartment compound. Cars queued on the road waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Its like during working days but its not. At the Queensbay, it took us around 30-40 minutes to get into the shopping complex and find an empty parking lot. We parked at level 5 out of 8. Inside the shopping complex, we saw people thronged the eating outlet. Everywhere almost full house. We just hope there will be empty seat that the Kenny Roger's outlet.

At the Kenny Roger's, we found an empty table suitably for 4 of us. The children behaved well although Danial cried a little bit when the waiter help him to his seat. Both eat a lot although Irfan as usual don't like to eat 'new things'. He eat banana muffin and rice only. Danial as usual eat anything that my wife and I put into his mouth. Officially Danial eat almost everything we order, aromatic rice, macaroni & cheese, mashed potato, chicken ham (I order a sandwich for me) and the muffin. He even drank my mango's drink.

We took a stroll inside Queensbay for a while. Bought Beryl's chocolate for our consumption, and the children's things. Luckily for us, the 'jam' was subsided when we left the mall. I took an alternative route back to our home. The 'usual' road was jammed to the brink because of the Penang Fest that currently been held at the Sungai Nibong.

All in all, the trip although exhaustive (for me, need to repeatly press brake and clutch), but still fun. The children behave well and eat well. They currently sleeping when I write this post.


are_shie said...

My daughter, Aleesya, is a big fan of macaroni & cheese.. kenny rogers kalau 2 portion of that thing she'll eat alone.. left us half portion of it.. hahaha.. bende2 lain tak laku.. itu aje..

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