My First Time - with computer

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My first time encountered with a computer when I was in Standard 4 (around 1990). The first computer I saw was an Apple PC with its green screen. I'm learned Basic programming during my time at the computer club. I joined the club from Standard 4 until Standard 6. Most of the time, if we finished our jobs early, the teacher will gave us permission to play game. During that time, the game was stored in a disket. The famous game at that time of course Karateka. I also played something called Conan something-something. Usually I played Karateka until I saw a friend played that Conan game.

Then, someone in the family bought a game console. At the time, the console used cartridge to store the game. Like other boys, I liked to play football game although the preferences changed later. Then I discovered Super Mario Bros game. Damn, the game fascinated me and I fall in love with it. The console can't save the game, so, you had to play until game over. Usually, I trade place with my sister and cousins when I played it especially Super Mario. I didn't particularly trade places when I play 1942 and the tank game. It was because nobody played it better than me (except my uncle). Sometimes, we compete in Pacman game. The highest level I ever achieved when played Pacman was at level 30. Oh, because the console can't save the game, along the way you will get another 'life' when you achieved certain marks and criteria. Especially Super Mario, you got a 'life' when you achieve certain score, got a 'life' mushroom, got 100 coins. I remembered my sister and I collect a lot of 'life' when played the game. Usually when we trade places, you can hear we argued "Be careful, I collect the 'life' you know", "Shoot faster", "Ah, I told you so. Now you waste one of my life", and etc. Its funny how the console changed our perception towards technology.

Then I went to a boarding school at the age of 12 (Form 1 at those time started at December - my birthday is on August). I didn't remember much about my Form 1 until 3. I only remembered when I was at Form Four, the school decided we need to know about how to use a computer. At that time, we knew Lotus Office Suite and we used it. When I was at Form Five, the Lotus Office Suite was replaced by Microsoft. Microsoft Office Suite was easier to use at that time. We also learned about other thing and usually at the end of the classes, we usually played game.

During Form 5, I held several portfolios such as a prefect, secretary to the house club, police cadet and a photography club. So, I used computer a lot. I usually when to the computer lab with one of my friend. When I think back, he volunteered because he wanted to play the games. Hehehe..

After SPM, my father bought an Acer PC. It was installed with Windows 95 and Microsoft Office Suite. The spec was Intel Pentium something-something with MMX technology. I think the speed was around 100 - 200 MHz. Oh, and its got 'Turbo' button. Hehehe..

There was no computer shop at Pekan or Rompin district at that time, so, the only place where computer shops are available at Kuantan. One time when I went to Kuantan I saw a vendor sold computer CDs. I just flipped the CDs, and behold, I saw computer games. I pick several and among them was NBA Basketball and Age of Empire. I didn't particularly like NBA Basketball. Its hard. Damn it.

I played Age of Empire. Being a novice in RTS type of game at that time, I didn't know how to play the game. So, I just clicked around and discovered help menu. And then, its start another journey for me. That is why I like to play RTS game until today. Among the game I think Best of RTS game is AoE, Starcraft, Warcraft and the original C&C. The game after that focused to much on 3Ds technology rather then smooth gameplay.

And then I went to USM. And I used computer a lot since then.


BPS said...

yup i remember
CD RM20.00 satu...

zaman takde internet, ke kedai CD la nak cari driver dan software

ahh... butang TURBO yang tak buat apa2 selain mention speed HI dan LO je. rasanya HI dan LO tu kosmetik aje kot.

refurbished computers said...

If educators are not having students publish regularly in thoughtful, authentic, and relevant places they are NOT preparing them for today or tomorrow.

dilla said...

ko tulih karateka.. aku pun br teringat dulu selalu main tu... tp yg paling terer main mak abah aku la... ahahahah...

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I wish not agree on it. I assume nice post. Especially the appellation attracted me to be familiar with the sound story.

- rzmie - said...

BPS : man, aku rasa aku beli cam murah sket..dlm RM15 kot..

dilla : hahaha..karateka..aku selalu mampos bila time nak selamat princess..

anon 1 : thank you. its a real story btw.

anon 2 : thank you for visiting. :)

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