Holiday @ Toy Museum

For the benefit of my foreign visitors, I think, its better for me to write in English rather than in two versions. I'm lazy, remember?

Its rather unplanned actually. We bored stayed at home, so, we decided to take the children for a trip around the island. We already talked about a visit to the Toy Museum but never had time (or rather lazy) to go there. So, I drove and followed the sign to Batu Ferringhi.

When we near the museum, I decided, why not take the children to the Butterfly Farm. Irfan never been there, and Danial were too small when we been there for the last time. I drove slowly (but not that slow) on the road to the farm and saw lots of beaches that I never knew existed. The most beautiful beach I saw is at Penang State Government Rest House and near Teluk Bahang. Sadly, the rest house will never open to the public. The only beach left is at Teluk Bahang. To go there, just follow the road to Teluk Bahang. You will see a nice white beach at your right. You will see an untar road lead to the beach. Just enter the road, and park your car somewhere around there. Not many people at the beach (I went during the holiday) so, it might be because not many people (tourist in this case) know it exist.

We arrived at the farm but no parking available = too many visitors in the farm. So, lets go to the museum. We rest for a while near Teluk Bahang Forest Reserve then I drove back to Tanjung Tokong.

The museum charged RM10/person for entrance fees. But, the museum is not well maintain, the dust are accumulated on the toys, and its look unordered. Not worth for RM10 entrance fees. But the toys collections are enormous. They have toys from movies, anime, games, cartoons and others. Basically, I like several of their collections, Star Trek figurine and ships collections, World War II toys, Lord of the Rings (they have a limited LOTR chess set edition), and Stronghold (real size) figure.

The children behave like children do. Danial and Irfan were asleep when we arrived there. Danial didn't want to enter the museum, but I coax him with sweets. They walked in the museum but they didn't see much of the collections. They played in the building.

We left after a while. It was because someone stupid (tourist from India) smoke inside the museum. Both children sleep on the way back home.

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