The sick child and pile of jobs at workplace

My first child, Danial has been infected with chicken pox. So, for the past week, my wife and I done what we can to make it better for Danial. We went to a clinic and got 3 type of medicine, Paracetamol 250mg/5ml, Chlorphaniramine and Calamine lotion. We also used a traditional method to treat chicken pox by gave Danial to drink coconut water and 'air tawar'.

His condition is better everyday. Today, the pox are getting smaller and no new one appear for 2 days now. So, I guess, next week we can send Danial back to the nursery.

It tiring to keep an eye on a sick child. For days in a row, I keep waking at 5 a.m and only manage to sleep at 1 a.m. Only yesterday night, I manage to sleep at 11 p.m (and today I'm updating this blog..hehehe..). And not to mention the I have jobs that keep piling at the workplace.

I managed to clear up some jobs today, attend meeting on the morning and then do some job at the afternoon. Tomorrow, I have another meeting to attend. Life getting busy and I get some more responsibility soon. Luckily God give me a best brain so, I can understand things better and faster. The only thing I keep asking Him is to take away my laziness. Sigh..

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