Usually when I'm writing in this blog, it is done when both children and wife has sleep. The time is late sometimes but I like it because the quietness of the moment.

I'm back to my hometown during CNY celebration two weeks ago. As usual, I'm happy whenever I'm back because its where I'm born and learn. But this time, I notice that I've been thinking that I can't live there always. Been living at Penang for 10 years has changed me and I can't cope with the lack of facilities there.

At Penang, I take for granted the nearness of Tesco and shopping mall from home. Its near. Driving from the home to Tesco or Queensbay Mall take only 5 - 10 minutes. When I'm move to the new home this April or May, the nearest shopping complex (that is Sunshine Square) is 5 minutes walking. The food outlet? Really near, just 'beside' the apartment's guard post.

I also notice at the rapid changes happened there. When I left for matriculation only 3 bank exist, Bank of Commerce, Bank Bumiputera, and Bank Simpanan Nasional. Now, the town has CIMB, BSN, Maybank, Bank Muamalat, Bank Rakyat and Bank Islam. The shop outlets has grown and KFC are much larger than before. From what I heard, it is part of the town 2020's plan. The only thing that still lurking are the old town and the government's office complex. If only Najib give additional budget to build a new futuristic (and not to forget environmental friendly) complex. The town also got a new hospital and mosque (and both has enough landbank to grow). The only lacking is the river. Nobody take a good care at the river. Sigh.

The basic point is that, I enjoy living here in Penang. Occasionally, me and wife will go and watch movies at QB Mall. Weekly we go to Tesco to buy some grocery. But I still enjoy whenever I went back at my hometown. During the last visit, I managed to meet a few persons that I've never meet for a long time. I bring along wife and children (actually we went shopping at the day market and the person has a stall there). The only thing that sadden me is that my grandfather are older.

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