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I've rarely write about my work in this blog (as I mention before). First, it is because of the Official Secret Act (OSA) that I need to adhere. Another is because of the nature of my work itself. I'm still doing technical things but it is less than before (when I'm at the smart card project). Most of my work involve around project management where currently I'm overseeing 3 project worth around 3.9 million under 9th Malaysia Plan.

Both project are taking around a year to be awarded to the vendor. And its not a smooth sailing project. It has its own set of problems. Mostly technical and also with people. Not between my technical team and vendor technical team. Mostly involve other person. Opps, too far now. Remember OSA? :P

One project is near the end now. The User Acceptance Test has been done last week. Currently the vendor are preparing the nicely formatted UAT to be signed by my team this week. And also the Job Completion Form (JCF) will be signed this week. Yeah.

The other project involve procuring and installing servers. The servers has been delivered last week after being delayed for quite some time by the principal company. But it is expected since the delivery of equipments for my 2 other projects also has some delay. The vendor come last week to install the hardware components into the servers (I also help, its easy). The hard drive, extra RAM and the second CPU need to be installed into the servers. The fun part is that, in previous server (G1 series), the RAM need to be put in pair while in this latest servers (G6 series), it does not mention anything. Damn. Another fun part is (I notice afterwards - around 2 days after installing the hardware into the servers), the vendor and I installed the hard drive in wrong sequence. The suppose 6k 10k hard drive need to be installed into the servers while 10k hard drive need to be installed into the storage servers. But we manage to install it differently. :P

I only notice the wrong sequence after the hard drive didn't work. Hehehe. Now, I only need to configure RAID 1 in the servers and RAID 5 in the storage servers. Then installed Cent OS Linux into the servers and configure it. Just the only thing I'm considering now is that whether or not to install virtual machines into the servers. The servers has 8 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM and 1.8 TB of hard disk space. If I does not install virtual machines, the current Cent OS will only use (maximum) 2 CPUs only.

My other project is currently in progress. The first phase involve installing APs at 12 locations. Currently in second phase where the contractor install 28 APs at a desasiswa. In third phase we will install another set of APs at both office and desasiswa. Request to install APs at PTJ's office are coming and since I have lots of APs, my immediate boss approve it. :D

Its already 6 a.m and I'm tired. Danial has been soundly sleeping right now and I keep thinking of joining him.

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