Let's talk about anything. I mean anything.

When Israel attacked the Free Gaza's flotilla, I want to blog about it. Want to say something about it. But then why bother if all that I can write is to say "Go to hell Israel!". Yes, I'm angry but why become stupid like Israel, right? We said we didn't recognize Israel's state but then we burned their flag. By recognizing the flag as Israel's state flag, we recognize Israel as a state and a lawful government. What can we do after this? Simple, contribute more fund towards Free Gaza movement so they can buy things for Palestine's people. Do something. Angry will not change it but help, contribution will change their fate.

Congratulations to all my friends that having their first, second, third, fourth and so on babies. Don't ask when I will add another one. I don't want an additional member in the family right now. Not enough time and energy to play and entertain Danial and Irfan demands.

The house. I didn't do anything for about 3 weeks now. Why? I waited for the developer to call me about the defects. I submitted almost 20 defects to them. But they didn't call. I want to see the house tomorrow. Basically I need the room to put unused thing. Hopefully I can move to the house before Ramadhan. But the thing is, I will attend a week long course at KL during the early August.

About training, I've currently try to do much more technical training than what I'm doing now. During May is my first time teaching Linux. There were glitches here and there but I try to improve it. And on July will be my second class for PHP programming. For those who know me, I basically didn't do any PHP programming at all except one web based registration system I've developed before. But then, the programming structure is same for almost all web based programming. This time, the people who will attend the class already said what they want to know. The module is currently being written and hopefully it will finish by the end of June.

Domain Name Service (DNS) for my organization. Currently I'm testing a dynamic DNS to be integrated with AD environment. Its not that I can't do it. I can but the thing is that I need to study and understand AD and DNS concept. Its tiring considering that I can only study it in the morning or late at night.

Danial can talk. Yes, he can talk at last. He can tell us what he want. His talk progress is like a 18 - 24 months child. But I don't mind. At least he can say the word rather than crying. And he can say his own name "Danial" and his brother's name "Irfan". But in terms of Zikir, he can recite the whole thing. He can recite "Zikir Munajat", "Bismillah", syahadah. In terms of letters he can recite from A - Z and 1 - 10 (in Malay and English). And I also teach him how to recite 1 - 10 in Arabic and Japanese. I also teach both Irfan and Danial to recite Arabic letters. They can follow up to "ta". Both wife and I didn't force them to recite. They just remember it after we recite to them repeatedly.

New technologies emerged every year. And I think, I being left behind. There are lots of things that I didn't know. Sometimes I want to cry when people asked me a question and I can't answer it. My searching skill is rusty and I need to re-phrase the keywords several times before I finally found what I want. And a lot whitepaper being released each month. All the time in the world can't allow me to learn all those huge knowledge. If only I can read and understand faster.

I'm craving to eat certain foods but I'm sure I can't eat it forever.

I keep dreaming about people that I've didn't meet for several years. I missed some of them. Missed them badly. Sometimes I cried in the dream.

I need my sleep. Lack of sleep for several weeks now. Hopefully can catch some sleep before the boys wake up.

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