Happy 2nd Birthday, Irfan

Irfan is 2 years old. For the past one year, he already can talk, can remember things, can pick up fight with his brother, can click the keyboard on the laptop (although he already pull out 2 keys -- nasib baik laptop Lenovo, kalau HP confirm kena tukar whole laptop), can jump, and has a little bit of jealousy towards his older brother.

The thing is that, we need to concentrate more on Danial than Irfan. Irfan can tell if he wants water, food, bath..Danial can't. Seriously, its harder to make Danial to talk than Irfan.

For several days now we received comments from Irfan's teacher about some kids being bullied by him. It is a contrast than Danial where the teacher keep worrying about his quietness. But like some says, different kids, different behavior.

Anyway, happy birthday Irfan. Love you much.


BPS said...

Happy Birthday Irfan ... takde hadiah dari pakcik Rizman ... Pakcik Rizman punya birthday pun takde orang bagi hadiah

-nams- said...

happy birthday irfan...