Inception and dreams

I have watched Inception. Its an entertaining movie and don't need you to think a lot. But I'm confused, why nobody laugh at certain scene when it is funny? Or does I'm the only one who think the scene was a joke? Hehehe.

This post is not about Inception although I guess that some people who search Inception will stumbled upon this blog. This is the dreams that I've got after I watched Inception. Dream in dream. I rarely got dream in dream nowadays. Before this, yes, a lot. I woke up to discover I'm still in a dream albeit in a different event @ environment. But this time I dream about the whole period of Malacca Sultanate. How it been build, prosper and then invaded by foreign powers. Then I woke up, and I write about what I dream. Every little details I wrote. And then I noticed something, I'm still dreaming. I woke up after I discover I'm still dreaming. That the best dream that I get now. Usually, I dream about something scarier.

The other dream that I still remember until now was a dream where I've been shot by someone I known because of a girl. The pain was unbearable. I woke up only to discover that I still felt the pain. Imagine what Saito felt during his dreaming time in Inception. It must be hurt like hell.

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hussein said...

You need to go deeeeeper! :)

Inception was awesome. Seen it twice now.