Dah masuk 30 pun

Hari ni genap la aku umur 30 tahun. Tak ku sangka masa sungguh cepat berlalu. Dah sampai 30 dah pun. Looking back at those years, I don't think I accomplished much in life. Yeah, I've got work, have a beautiful wife, have 2 cute sons, have basic things in life (car, house). But I really want to accomplish more. Want to get more knowledge, want to create more impact at the workplace, want to be heard, want to participate in a much greater things in life. I want to contribute something to the society like what Tun Razak and Dr M has done during their premier years. I feel a hollow space inside me. I know I can accomplish more. But I'm afraid. Afraid to fall, afraid to lose, afraid to over-commit myself.

I think so much but much of what I think is lost forever or still inside my brain. Remember the Wedding Planner thingy? That is among what I think. I has a lot of thing that I want to do, "ICT Consultancy and Services Sdn Bhd", "Office Space Provider" and etc. I don't know how and when can I proceed. Even my plan to further my study has been that, only plan. Damn.

Happy birthday to me and I hope I can accomplish much in this coming decade.

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hussein said...

Happy birthday Rzmie. Hopefully you'll get what you want :).