Dah bersawang dah blog ni. Lama tak update. Nanti lagi lama tak update, iklan-iklan pun kena tarik. But I don't care about the ads anymore. Last time maybe. But not anymore. I made more money offline than online. But the ads will stay because I can see the pattern of visitor that visited this blog.

It seems I can't write anymore. Each time I log into the blog, I will begin typing whatever that is inside the brain. But after a while, I hit a backspace key. Deleted all the characters that I already type for 10-15 minutes before. The cycle repeat itself again and again. Day by day. It seems hard to write into your blog after you spend the entire day writing reports at work and training modules at home (when other people fast asleep). Not mentioning I've been thinking about the project that Az and I need to start 'soon'. The proposal still not finish although I already know what to do next. Sorry Az. Will try to finish it soon so we could make millions, right? Millions in number of visitors not money. :D

And I also try to write about my childhood story but that is too personal to write for now. Maybe years later who knows right. But now its too personal to tell.

The time now is 6.36 a.m and I've been awake for several hours already rummaging the web for the modules that I suppose to write, articles that I want to read and TV series that I like to watch. The web has been helpful for a long time now. Its been 12 years since I know the web. If the web is a person, I think she will know about me more than anyone alive. And my web footprints has become bigger over the years.

The title above is the thing I suppose to write. I suppose to write reasons why I'm not update this blog for quite sometimes. Before this I update for the sake of one dear friend of mine. Since the friend already return to Malaysia, so, I too stop writing. I have many thing to write. Maybe not to the world but to me. I want to write about a lot of thing. About Mat Sabu's remarks that lately has been take of context. About Najib's promise to Malaysian. About Muhyiddin's tour. About how lately I've hate the over-commercialization of 1Malaysia  concept.

Talking about 1Malaysia, I put a comment on Najib's wall about it. I don't think I will ever get the respond. Maybe if I tweet him. Hmm. But I don't have a Twitter account. Surprise? Better not. I don't even have a smartphone. And I call myself an IT expert. Damn!

I've been back to my hometown during raya. How nice the town council has finally made changes to the town development. Nice work guys.

Need to stop writing/typing. The son has awake. Maybe later.

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Afrezal Karim said...

hehe welkam back.. aku pun ngah start balik.. jgn stop menulis.. lama2 idea menulis akan datang balik.. adehh.. punya laa susah nak start balik.. fuhh