How to increase VMFS volume on SAN using VMware vCenter?

1. Make sure your vCenter can physically see the volume. By physically means that you need to include vCenter WWN information inside the SAN system.
2. Expand the LUN on storage
3. Select one of the ESXi or VM host. Go to Configurations-->Storage Adapter
4. Click on "Rescan All"
5. Then go to Storage. Click on the storage that you would like to increase or expand (but not extend).
6. Click on Properties. A popup window will be displayed.
7. Click on Increase. And follow the step until finish. You will see the new capacity after finish.

How to do it if the vCenter has not physically include in the SAN system? There is a workaround it. But please, please, please backup your VMs before you proceed with my step.
1. Connect directly to any ESXi or VM host using VMware vSphere Client.
2. Repeat step 3 to 7 on the above. Exit vSphere client after you finish.
3. Connect to vCenter by using vSphere client or vSphere web.
4. Go to Configuration-->Storage.
5. Click on Rescan All. After finish, click on Refresh.
6. You will see the new storage capacity shown on the vSphere client.

I've written this because I spent all days since last Wednesday to figure out what's went wrong when I can't increase my VMFS storage capacity. This is because I'm overextending my VMFS capacity using Thin Provisioning. I only have 6TB of VMFS storage capacity but provision around 11TB of space. And VMware keep flashing warning alert after the storage has reach 70% of its physical capacity. The VMs still running purely because of luck (or I keep reciting doa to Allah to keep the storage as it is until I figure a solution for it).

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