Day 1 - Beginning of the training

Hello guys, while I'm typing this entry, I'm uploading pictures for your viewing pleasure and at the background the Japanese radio (Tokyo.FM) 'menceriakan suasana'.

As today, I'm formally beginning my training and live in Japan or maybe specifically in Yokohama. I'm learning about Japan, about how to greet people, how to ask something and also to learn about the train system. The later is most important thing that I need to understand as I want to go to Akihabara. Maybe just for windows shopping because I don't have enough cash with me. Remember, I need to survive for 6 weeks in Japan and with the current cost of living here, I'm trying very hard.

I'm not sure whether I can share most training information with you. I think the experience in Japan is allow but the content for the rest of the training will not be allow by my sponsor (I think so). So, guys, if you really want to know about what my training is all about, I think you better wait for me to return to Malaysia. Then, I'll share with you but not all of you, of course.

Rushing to take group photo

The group photo

Okay, back to the topic. In summary, we have our group photo today but sadly, the photo that I uploaded is not containing our instructor and training coordinator (hmm..maybe I should ask him to take picture again with us). There are 24 of us from various Asian countries. I currently trying to remember each one of them but because I've never been to overseas (except Singapore), so, its a little hard for me to pronounce each member's name. But like I said in my previous entries, I'll survive and I know I'll remember them (at least their face and their nickname). I'm optimist, remember (or try to be an optimist). :)

During the introduction session, each one of us need to told our expectation towards the training. I'm not telling mine. I'm telling my company's expectation or at least my boss expectation. I know he expect much from me. Don't worry boss-san, I'll absorb as much knowledge as I can here.

There are some difficulties staying here for now. First, the language barrier. As I've mentioned, I'm learning how to speak Nihongo. I only know several phrases before arrived at Japan such as "Sumimasen", "Arigato", "Ohaiyo", "Gomenasai" and some of the numbers like "ichi", "yon", "roku", "nana" and some food like "Gohan". All the phrase that I learn while watching anime slowly come back to my mind. Need time to retrieve it. Do I tell you that I need to point to some item to ask for its price? No, no, Japan is not that bad. Each item has its own price tag, only at 100 yen shop that certain items doesn't has its own price (without us knowing that each item that doesn't has a price tag is a 100 yen item). But mostly the experience here (for this first day) is really enlightening. We'll see what else in store for me from tomorrow onwards.

After class today, my friend and I walked to Jusco. We didn't know the location exactly, but we walked like we knew which way to go. Heh, at least we found it. We searched for neck-tie because we didn't bring one with us. At first, we looked at Jusco but the price there (for us) is a little expensive. So, we searched for 100 yen shop because from what the receptionist told me, its near Jusco. At last, we found it. I brought 2 necktie for me and 2 items for the-loves-one. I try to search item to give as souvenirs to my friends and colleagues back at Malaysia but since the time is late and we need to go back for dinner, I abandoned the futile search. Next time I guess. So, friends and colleagues, don't expect much from me. I will not give expensive souvenir (unless you want to pay for it) but just something for you (that is really from my 'pure' heart). Oh, BTW, the anime here is expensive so don't ask me to buy some for you. The music CDs also expensive than Malaysia. I'm not sure about electronic items since I'm not visiting Akihabara, yet (noticed the "yet" statement). Heh.

Okay-la guys, enough for today. I'll put another post tomorrow since I'll be visiting some interesting place tomorrow. Until then folks. Chiao!

My 'home' for the coming 6 weeks

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