Japan Day 7 - The 3 am earthquake and the interesting lecture

Its early morning. I woke up and clueless why I woke up this early. I felt tremor. Am I dreaming? I felt that tremor for a moment. Not sure how long. I laid awake for several minutes waiting for alarm. Nothing. Then I went back to sleep.

At 7, I searching the news at Google. Nothing. I switch on the TV and saw that they talked about something. So, its really earthquake happened this morning.

I'm not used to earthquake. Malaysia is in the safe zone (almost). There were only a few earthquake happened (that I can remember). :)

Our lecturer for morning session was really interesting guy. For me, he is a 'gadget' guy. He show us a lot of technology that currently available at Japan (and can be implemented everywhere). And for me, his lecture is among the best lecture up till now.

Evening session, we visited a Japanese corporation that implemented IT in their operation. They were not an IT company, but they implement it nicely. I'm not sure whether they developed the program by themselves, but since they keep improving the program, they must have the source code.

We didn't had any chance to look at their operation. We went back after that and still nothing special happened today. I'm not that well when writing this entry. And I think I need to stop. Gomenasai.

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