Canceling credit card from certain bank

Some of my friends wonder why I wanted to cancel a credit card from one particular bank. Mostly because of their staff attitude and nobody answering my phone calls at their call center. On April, I has around RM 3,500++ that I owe to that bank. So, I pay RM 3,500 to them. Actually I want to cancel the card but because I do some mistake during calculation, so, I can't cancel the card. That's on April. 3 months later, I didn't use the card and I also didn't do any payment to cancel the card. Lots of thing coming and I don't has any money left to cancel the card. I owe them around RM 200 now. Today, the staff can't accept my reason and the date for me to settle the balance. I asked them I will pay on 23rd August but they can't accept it. Come on, give me some break. I already pay RM 3,500 lump sum and they should give me some incentive like canceling the RM200 that mostly make from interest rate. The girl rudely said, "Tak boleh encik, encik kena bayar jugak esok atau lusa RM 200". I said, "Saya dah buat budget, so, memang 23 baru boleh bayar". If I pay now, I'm will be 'dead'. I even plead with her but to no avail. Before I end the conversation, I said, "Sebab ni lah saya nak cancel kredit kad dari bank awak".

Imagine, I owed to BSN RM463 and they accepted the date when I will settle the bill. The car payment also they accept my payment schedule. And TMNet offered me some rebate because I always pay earlier (only that month I can't pay earlier and the next bill the give me some rebate). I always settled my bill sooner or later. I admit its my mistake (because of the late payment) but since I already pay RM 3,500 lump sum, didn't they care to deduct the interest from my card. At least do something. Their credit card has least benefit than other banks. At least put something to interest other people to use.

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