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Ahaks..Macam tajuk lagu lak post aku kali nih..Bukan apa..Saja je nak update blog yg dah lama tak update nih..

I got my salary yesterday. Because I'm on leave, I and wife go to Queensbay Mall (after this will be known as Queensbay) to buy some clothes for me, wife and our son. The day before yesterday we went to Tesco to buy some essential supplies for our home. We didn't buy any fresh item because me and wife are lazy to cook lately. So, back to my story.

We went there around 3 p.m. At first I wanted to park at the 'unfinished parking lot' outside of Queensbay but then decided to try the inside parking. The parking is okay but a bit confusing at first. Maybe because that was my first time. Maybe because of the school holiday we can only parked at level 5 (the other level were full). Then we took an elevator and go to level G. We were hungry by the time we arrived at Queensbay so we decided to eat first and shop later. We went to Sushi King restaurant at the LG level and eat at there. We eat quite a lot yesterday. I took 3 eel sushi and 1 Kanikama while my wife took 1 ebi ten, and 3 other thing that I forgot the name. We also ordered 1 chawan mushi, 1 strawberry and 1 blueberry drinks. Because the drink too sweet, I order 1 green tea but the waiters keep refill it. We stay at the outlets from 3.30 to 4.30. Hehehe..We try to enjoy our food actually.

After eating, we went to J-Card counter. I apply for J-Card there. Then we went to shop Danial's clothes. We bought 4 pair of clothes for Danial while I bought 1 shirt and 1 t-shirt for me. After calculation, I think I've got > 300 points for my J-Card. Then we went to Toys R Us outlet. Bought something for Danial. We went back around 6.30 p.m.

The cluster
Got a call from Syahril told me some bad news about the cluster. Lots of things were not working at the cluster. Because I don't know what happened, I just wait until today. After I take a look at the configuration, the drivers for ethernet adapters were wrongly configured. So, I deleted all the drivers and restart the operating system (maybe Hussein know a much simpler step but the step that I know is not working). The operating system re-detect the drivers and configured them. Because most of the cluster configurations are in mysql database, I re-written the network configuration files using dbreport tool. Anyway, the cluster is up and running around 1 p.m. There were a few more things need to be done on the cluster. Maybe I will do it on this weekend.

The server
Still not finished configuring HP Integrity RX2660. Windows 2003 can't detect the hard disk and all the drivers that I've downloaded from HP website are not working with the OS. I think I want to format the hard disk using Linux OS. After that, I installed Windows. Hopefully after that, Windows 2003 can detect the hard disk. I know its a long way to do but since Windows 2003 are stupid enough not to detect the hard disk, so, I need to do it this way. I hope it can work.

That's all for today. Nothing interesting and not a single picture. Maybe later folks.

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