Sushi craving

Somehow last Monday, I really wanted to eat sushi especially anything that is associated with unagi. Usually when it is time to buy something to break fast for the day, my wife and I discuss what we want to eat that day. Because we were at Jusco that time (buy another toys for Danial at Toys r Us) and some clothes for him (he's growing, remember?), we decided to buy Sushi at LG (lower ground, I think). We take a look at Jusco sushi shop and I decided to buy Unagi-don.

Actually, I'm craving to eat ten-don but since it is not available, so I bought Unagi-don. My wife think its better to buy at Sushi King because its look much nicer (the sushi). We walked to the shop that is not far from Jusco sushi shop. We bought ten-don for my wife, some ebi-ten and chiki (what is it, can't remember). Got a discount since we are member of Sushi King.

Despite its appearance, the unagi-don sell at Jusco are suprisingly good and filling. It's not too much but not too less. Its portion is moderate and much better for us that are fasting. The unagi is not smelly at all and the soy sauce that come with it are much nicer.

The 'chiki' is a sushi that contains scallops. If you see it, maybe some of you will not eat it. I know my wife will not eat it. So, I just eat it alone. 4 of them actually. Its good. And I think they already cook the scallops before they prepare it for the sushi.

I'm not sure how the ten-don will taste but my wife said its good. Anyway, all the sushi craving cost me a lot. Everything I craved for sushi, it will cost me. But luckily, I only eat it a few times a month. I discussed with my wife about the possibility to extend our membership with Sushi King (if they offer to us again). We agree that we should extend our membership.

Tesco still not sending me my voucher despite having cross the 150 mark points weeks ago. Maybe Tesco want to award me with RM100 vouchers. Muahahaha..

Anyway, happy fasting to Muslim. Only two more weeks to go before Hari Raya. I'm not looking forward to it because I will sit for my exam next week. Wish me luck guys.

p/s: Sorry for not attaching any pictures (the sushi pics). We were too hungry to snap a pic. Maybe later. ;)

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