Aku terserempak dengan Afdlin

Hehehe..Bunyi cam aku nih kipas-susah-mati Afdlin je. Hehehe..

I sent my wife to driving school today because she started her first lesson today. When I arrived at the place, I saw lots of vans and lorries been parked there. Because I'm not so sure about it, I just make a remarked to my wife "Ada market ke kat sini hari ni?". This is the first time we've been day on Sunday.

So, I left my wife at the front of the waiting area while I'm searching for place to park the car. When I stopped at the waiting area, I saw a familiar face. No, its not yet Afdlin but a girl in front of green kancil. She really looked familiar but where eh?

After I parked the car, I went to my wife (with Danial of course). There I saw Afdlin discussing (or directing) with his crew about something. He pointed to the area and there and there. There are lots of familiar faces. Beside the girl (which I assumed is an actress), there is Din Beramboi acting as driving instructor (I guess because he wear an uniformed just like the school's instructor), and others which I can't remember their names (I'm not that familiar with Malaysian actors and actresses).

When they started to prepare for shooting, I took Danial and went home.

I went there back at noon to pick my wife. They still shooting but I think they tinted the car's windows. Maybe its hard to shoot during the midday (with the glass reflecting the sun and etc). I just park my car beside the motorcycle's training area. I wanted to search for my friend at the waiting area. Then,I saw Afdlin walking from the car park to the set. We face each other for a while. Actually, he looking at the set while I'm looking at him. Because of the distance, so, you see as he looking at you. Hehehe..

So, after this when someone say "Eh, tadi Afdlin buat promotion kat wayang", then I can say "Eh, ko setakat tengok dia buat promotion je. Aku siap tengok dia mengarah filem lagi". Hehehe..

Anyway, good luck to Mr Afdlin for this new film. Maybe after this, I can talk with him pulak. :)

So, this is the first time I'm writing about Malaysian actor. I hope my usual reader (if any) will not bored with this entry. Ahaks.


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