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This post is about election. Be warned.

For the past one week during this campaigning period, I never wrote anything about this coming election. Why? Because for the first time, I want to puke when some party threaten Malaysian don't vote for this party because they can't bring development to this country. The arrogant-ness of this party will cost them dearly if they keep continuing the ads. Do they know the ads will give negative perception to them later?

My wish for this coming election :
1. The Menteri knows what they said. Please la. Don't talk about punishment from God so much. If the bridge is collapse, maybe God also play a role but why can't we investigate what the caused of the collapse before blaming God. And oh, please don't comment anything that you don't know. Its made you look stupid. If you don't know just said, "No comment for now".

2. Please repair the road and highway. The road on Penang island is bad. Too bad. With lots of construction going on right now, the road condition become worse. Do you know today, some company 'accidentally' 'tercicir' concrete materials on the road. Oh, btw, the North-South highway condition makes it look like a road in Penang. We pay to use the highway, so please maintain it.

3. Less corruption in the higher government position. If the higher position can horde lots of money from corruption so why not people at the lower and middle rank?

4. Safety. Please deploy policemen on the neighbourhood as a deterrent towards the criminals. It is not safe anymore now.

5. Lower car prices. I'm not dreaming about cheaper petrol or 'kejatuhan harga barang harian'. It will not happened as long as we practice 'kawalan harga barang'. Until when we want to keep this subsidy? Better higher petrol price if it can bring towards less car on the road. Better let the market dictate the price for each items. But use the saving from the subsidy towards the betterment of public transportation, lower crime rate, more parks for recreation, more allocation towards research & development, upgrading IT infrastructure, more libraries, more books at the libraries, free education for all, cheaper medical cost for poor Malaysian, upgrading infrastructure at local universities, better management of public funds and etc.

6. Kerajaan yang adil, telus dan mendengar keluhan rakyat. We are not complaining about impossible things but on things that can be done. We complain about the increase of crime rate, the menace of mat rempit (that should be shot upon discovery), the worse condition of public transportation, the increase of vehicles on the road, and etc.

7. Parti politik yang tidak meletakkan ahli keluarga. Lihatlah sekeliling. Pak Lah letak Khairy, Chua Soi Lek letak anak dia, Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim & kaum keluarga dalam PKR, Karpal Singh dan anak dia sama-sama bertanding kat Penang dan lain-lain. Why can't you take an example from our ex-PM. Dia tak bagi pun anak-anak dia bertanding waktu dia jadi PM. Tengok Mukhriz. Umur 40 tahun lebih baru dapat jadi calon.

8. Better Malaysia. And Malaysian for Malaysian. If I become PM I will give citizenship to this people :
i. People who are born in Malaysia
ii. Foreigner who contribute so much to Malaysia and applying Malaysian citizenship
iii. Malaysian abroad who want to come back to Malaysia even though their citizenship is revoke.
iv. People who love this country so much.
v. Give citizenship to my best friend who keep waiting for the citizenship.

Remember people, Malaysia is not for Malay only. Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, Bajau, Orang Asli, and others that are born here and don't have any other country that can be call home also deserve to be here.

By the way, I took a survey at kennysia.com on who I suppose to vote this coming election. Guess which party should I vote? Its PKR. See here.

According to the 100% accurate kennysia.com Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?

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