Shopping spree : Books

I love buying books. As I told someone before, I can't go into bookshops because I will dream of buying this or that books.

So, while waiting for the shop to install new software into my wife phone, I pay a visit to Borders (I visit it before during lunch time but I didn't buy anything) to just take a look at their offer.

First I went to the Computer section. At first I wanted to buy book about Snort 2.6 but I'm not sure whether 2.6 is the latest version for Snort so, I look for another book. I saw another book about Anti-Hacking Software but I also didn't buy because I'm afraid the software in that book is outdated. So, what book I buy? ASP.NET 3.5 published by Wrox and Kevin Mitnick's book.

Then I went to children's section to buy a book for Danial. More specifically special books for baby. Because all the book is wrap, I just took something that I think Danial will like. So, I took Elmo's book.

The Elmo book. I hope my son like it.

After that I went to my favourite section. Fantasy and science fiction. I had to admit not all fantasy and science fiction books are at the section. It also available at teens and a couple more section. But what do I care. I wanted to buy Asimov's books but it is too late. I saw books by Alastair Reynolds. Books that I really want to buy. I took all available books written by Alastair. And I also saw book 2 from The Wheel of Time series. I have only book 1 and book 4. To read book 4 I really need book 2 & 3 right?

I wanted to buy more books but I afraid it will reach to RM 500 if I didn't stop. It nearly reach RM 400 but Borders is offering 15% discount for full price books so, I got lots of discount today (because all the books that I've choosen are full price books). And on top of that, I've got RM30 coupons that I need to spend before 18th of May. I'm thinking to buy Harry Potter book (the last book - I've got all of it, so why not complete the collection).

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