Make another investment today. So, I have 3 portfolios now including ASB. Still need to add more portfolio. Maybe next time when I have enough money. Currently the first and second portfolio contains more than 97% of my total investment. Need to pour more money into ASB.

What is a investment portfolio? If you invest in unit trust fund, or stock market(s), or equity fund or any other available fund out there, each investment can be considered as a portfolio. For example, if you are investing in a Public Mutual Fund, let say Public Ittikal Fund, that is your investment portfolio. If you add another fund, it become another portfolio. To make your investment worth, you must invest in different type of portfolio. Preferably at different fund agency like PNB or CIMB or any other fund agency out there. If you have time to spend then you can dive into stock market. I don't have the luxury to go into stock market yet. The less that I can do is to put my money into various funds out there. But be warned, only put your money at the organization that is recognized by Bank Negara.

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