I've installed Joomla today. Blame it on my curiosity and also because some of my colleagues want to try on real server. Because of the 'realness' of my server, so, I agreed to install the software. The funny thing is, I didn't see version 1.5 until later (meaning I've finished installing version 1.0.15). Then I see version 1.5. Heck. Now I've got two Joomla version in my server.

On unrelated note, I think Danial is missing me. I've do video call with my wife yesterday (or the day before) because she said Danial is near her. So, I video called her. When Danial see me, he cried. Poor son.

I'm bored staying at home now because I'm alone. I've finished watching 3 DVDs. Tokyo Drift (yeah, I'm late, so what?), Devils Wear Prada (no fight but entertaining) and another story which I forget. Plan to seek another DVDs later but with not enough fund, maybe I just watched anime for now. Aduih. Anyone want to increase my fund? :P

Oh, about anime. I'm hooked with Macross Frontier. Nice story, nice jet, nice characters., I will review it later since I've got 'too much time to spend' (yeah, too much time...).

I'm think I want to eat maggi tonite. Hehehe..want to join me?

Later guys.

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