Game review : Build-a-lot

Build-a-lot is a casual game developed by HipSoft and can be downloaded from Reflexive Arcade website. In summary, Build-a-lot is a game where you need to build a town using a set of building pre-defined for each level. For each level there are a set of requirement you need to fulfill before you can advance into another level.

There are two mode in the game, Career Mode and Casual Game. To play Casual Game you need to unlock it by completing the 3 tutorial levels in Career Mode. In Career Mode there are 35 levels that you need to completed while in Casual Game, there are 6 levels that you can play but unluckily, you need to complete a level before unlocking another level.

Career Mode Menu

Career Mode will bring you to 8 places Meadow Dale (tutorial), Pleasant Valley, River Glen, Evergreen Park, Lakeside, Granite Springs, Summit Ridge and Palm Grove. You will start with a blueprint and you will progress further as you progress into another level. As I mention before, in Career Mode you need to fulfill a set of requirement before you can progress into another level. The requirement range from build a unique building, getting a fixed amount of rent, raise an amount of money, building a number of specific house, upgrading houses, and etc. There is a time for each level. The time is divided into two section. If you can finished all the task in the first section, you will get a star for that level. At first, it is easy to get a star but as the level progress it get harder and you can barely finished on time at the few last level. And some level, some task are given after a task has been completed. So, keep watching at the task checkbox at the right side (up) on your screen.

Casual Mode

In Casual Mode, you need to only raise a certain amount of money. And after that, you can upload your score and compare it with other player that upload their score at the server.

The game interface

As a summary, the game is fun but after sometimes it is becoming more routine during the start of the game where you need to build a charity bank to release your house from being tax, a workshop to hire new workers at half price, a sawmill to buy a cheaper materials and etc. The Casual Mode also becoming routine after you play it over and over again.

Download at :

Star : 3 out of 5

Pro : It can kill your boredom.

Cons : Its get repetitive after sometimes. And some task is being repeated at other levels.

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