Game Review : Magic Stones

Magic Stones developed by Winter Wolves Game Studios is a turn-based game where you summon a set of monsters to defeat the enemy or other monsters.

If you download directly from Winter Wolves website, you will get an extra game where you can perform Quest and get two extra set of monsters and magics. Like any magical games, you can choose the starting magical element for your character. There are 6 magical elements in the game, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life and Spirit but Life and Spirit only available in the version you download from Winter Wolves website.

Magic Stones main menu

The standard game feature will give you a Tutorial, Gather Artifacts and Challenge Druid game. As usual, the Tutorial will give you a guide on how to create your character, and play the game. As usual, when you create your character you can choose, your character's name, school of magic, gender, and your druid's background. There are 3 background you can choose for your druid, Noble, Wild, and Rural. Depending on what background you choose, it will affect your druid intelligence, wisdom and willpower.

Your character's screen

As I said earlier, you can participate in Gather Artifacts or Challenge Druids game.

In Gather Artifacts mode, you will be taken to 4 type of places, Frozen Lands, Green Plains, Slimy Swamps and Lava Mountains. The places represents Air, Earth, Water and Fire magic. In this mode, you can collect items such as earring and ring, and magic stones that contain spells and monsters. Whenever you win the duel, you can get the items and stones. The new monster and spell you obtain on that duel, you can use it for the next duel without doing anything. While for the artifact, you will need to equip them first in your character screen before you can use it.

Gather Artifacts screen

In Challenge Druids you will be participating a tournament where you need to duel another druid (represented by computer). The different between Gather Artifacts and Challenge Druids mode is that, in the later mode, your foe can summon new monsters and cast spell(s) during the duel. It is not as difficult as you think. If you equip yourself properly and have a 'vast' knowledge in each monster and spell capabilities, you can defeat your foe easily.

Challenge Druid's screen

Beside knowing your foe's stat, you can also view the current tournament table and the history for previous tournament.

The current tournament table

The tournament's history

How to play?

Playing the game is easy. First you need to summon your monster(s). How many avatar/monster you can summon is depend on your mana points. The higher your points the more powerful monster you can summon. But the game limit you to summon up to 5 monsters at one time.

List of monsters/avatars you can summon

Based on the screen capture above, you can see a list of monsters you can summon. Because I've collected all the monsters except Life and Spirit monsters, I can summon any monsters that I want. Each monster has a specific mana points requirement and special ability. For example, Fire Drake will cost you 64 mana points, it health point (HP) is 100, it can attack up to 40 point, and it special ability is it can attack all foe's avatars at the same time.

After you have summon set of monsters that you wanted in the duel, just click on "Click here or press enter to finish your summoning turn".

Like I said, the game is a turn-based. You can only perform your attack, or spell during your turn.

During the duel, you can perform spell or summon new avatar to replace the dead avatar.

Choose your spell

Casting spell (the hand only visible when you are succeed casting the spell

You will be defeated if you lost all your monsters and win if your foe lost all his monsters. It is better to be defeated than to flee because in this game if you flee you will not receive any experience points.

Defeated but still received experience points

Overall, the game is entertaining enough to keep you in front of your monitor. But it is better for Winter Wolves to include the Quest mode into all version of the game because the company also receive some royalties from other publishers whenever user's buy the game.

Pro : The game is easy enough to learn
Cons : Winter Wolves only include Quest mode if you download directly from their website

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