Too busy

Actually, I'm not that busy but still busy. Been busy updating USM's eprint website, installing new e-learning server, stuck for a half-day at the server room to see rack installation and so on. It's quite hectic but it make time went by much faster.

Koko, Htet, Emma, A, B and all ITAC friends. I'm requesting another training sponsor by AOTS but it will be held here at Malaysia. But still, the teacher for the 2-weeks training is someone from AOTS. Didn't remember his name but when I see the timetable the name look familiar. And the schedule is pack. I only get a one day off on Sunday. :sad:

To Emma, I don't think I can attend your wedding. Sorry but I give my blessing from here. Hehehe..

Why I write this entry in English? Well, first of all, I think my English is in its worst conditions now. I can't articulate well in English during my last presentation and I keep thinking in BM rather than English when I talk in English. And I keep thinking "what this word in English". me sad. And my writing also getting worst by day. That's why I will write back in English to improve me language. ^_^

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hussein said...

AOTS == Attack Of The Sith?