Approaching 2 years

Danial is approaching his second birthday this month. He's behaving well lately. As usual, I reward him with sweet, raisins or just giving him Ribena when he is behaving well.

During his good mood, he will follow our call. "Danial, mari mandi". And he will come to me or wife and let us remove his shirts. Then he will go to the bathroom. Or sometimes, he will wait in front of the bathroom. Irfan pun sama. When we call Danial to take a bath, Irfan akan gelak-gelak dan merangkak-rangkak ke bilik air.

He can't talk yet and that what made us wonder what he needs. Sometimes he just cried just because he is thirsty. We tried to teach him to say "Air" if he want some water but he still cried. He only say "Air" after he drink.

He trying to run anytime he could. He also fall quite a lot. What made me risau is that sometimes when he walk, he can't walk straight. Most of the time, he fall because of this.

He also bites himself. And being bitten by friends at the school. We talked to him to walk away if his friends try to bite him, but I don't think he understand. And he play mostly alone at school. At home, he do not allow Irfan to touch his toys. I think Danial think that all the toys belong to him not Irfan. But sometimes, he allow his brother to play beside him.

And yeah, he still using steroid inhaler every day.

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