MJ and Farah Fawcett dead

Its been more than a week since both of them passed away.

On the morning during MJ death, I listened to Mix.FM and they played MJ's songs. Err, what happened, I asked myself. Then the Mix.FM breakfast crew (can't spell their name actually), announced MJ's dead. I call my wife and told her about it. And I laughed during the conversation until my wife said "Ada lak gelak orang dah mati". Actually its not laugh because I'm happy but because I can't believed it. Anyway, the final years of MJ were not very kind to him. He should died years ago.

I knew about Farah Fawcett when I read Ana's online status

Me : Ana, sape Farah Fawcett?
Ana : Ala, yang berlakun dalam Charlie's Angel tuh.
Me : Errk?
Ana : Takkan tak kenal.
Me : Serious memang tak kenal

That's me. I rarely remember artist's name.

The weird thing happened was I remember MJ's songs. Especially Heal the World and Black and White. Out of the blue the lyrics came.

I'm not really MJ and Farah Fawcett fans. I'm not a fan to any artist actually. But I like some of MJ songs and music videos. But I don't really like Charlie's Angel.

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