Japan Day 3 - Nihongo Class 2 & Tea Ceremony

Konbanwa, minna-san! Genki desu ka? Don't worry my faithful readers, I will not continue with Nihongo. 2 reasons why, the first is that I'm can't write Nihongo words. Second is I'm not good in using Nihongo. Good is when you can talk fluently in a language. Better or best if you can think in the language. If you can think in the language that you converse in, you can save time in translating your thought. Most people are thinking in their native language. Take me for an example, I'm a Malaysian, so, mostly I will think in Malaysian language. When I want to say "Apa khabar" (how are you?) in English or Nihongo, first, I need to translate it from Malaysian to English or Nihongo. After that, the brain will send the translated phrase so, we can speak it in the language. Thats why when we converse with people from the countries where native language is not English, sometimes its take time when they want to reply to our queries (also apply to me).

Ok, back to the main story. The third day in Japan, we continue with our Nihongo lesson. Of course, we stay in the groups assigned to us the day before. Lots of conversations were teach by sensei today. We also venture into how to say time and date in Nihongo. I think these conversations are important for us to held simple conversations with Japanese. I also has use it everyday. For example, greeting to the cafeteria workers. Should respect them because they rise early to prepare our meal here at the center. But most of us (participant) agreed that 2 classes are not enough for us. Maybe more than that. At least until we can form our own words. Cannot write Nihongo words can be excuse. The important thing is to read and understand what the Japanase said.

Although today we learn lots of conversation, but sensei use one conversation for group presentation. That is ordering your food from the restaurant. :) We held group photo at the end.

Afternoon session, we joined a tea ceremony and wearing kimono. Really excited about it although I already wear it during my final year at USM. Maybe because now I'm will wear it at Japan. :)

Before we started, our instructor thought us about the importance and manner in the ceremony. I already know a little bit about it, since I've watched it on America's Next Top Model; and on anime. But seeing is not same as doing. During the ceremony, I made mistake when I bow to the hostess. Anyway, from my personal opinion, the 'kuih' is really nice while the tea is bitter. Never drink un-sweetened drink tea before. Anyway, the experience is an eye-opener for me. If Japanese as the developed country can preserve their culture, so, why can't us the developing world? Malaysia is rich with our own culture that is unique in our country. We really adapt each ethnic culture and made it as Malaysian culture.

My battery was really failed on me during kimono wearing session. It choose wrong time to be empty. Arrghh..So, now I need to rely on my friends. Hopefully, I'll get it soon enough.

Before I end this entry, I really want to apologize because I publish this entry 3 days late. Its not because I'm lazy but I can't think the contents of this entry when I'm not in front of computer. Maybe I slowly loose the ability to write (using pen and paper) and think and slowly developing the ability to type and think.

That's all people for today. Ja, matta ne.

"Yesterday we believe that sun and the entire universe center around us. Today, we believe that human is the only intelligence being in this universe. What about tomorrow?

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azfnd said...

1. hang kena beli bateri spare
2. snap pics byk2 sket. masa hang jln2 tu penting, masa dlm kelas sket2 dah la. huhuhu
3. kat M'sia, kita minum teh tarik... dah kira tradisi tu. hampir dibawa ke bulan ooo.. :)