Japan Day 4 : Hakkeijima Happy Island

Hello all. Welcome back to my blog. Its Saturday (first Saturday me in Japan) and no activities has been scheduled by the center for this day. Its up to us what we will do today. Because its Saturday and we not going to miss our meals at the center, we decided to go to places near the center. So, lets go to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise only 5 minutes walking from Hakkeijima Station (Seaside line). Only 2 stations from this center. If you come from Tokyo, you need to board a train on Keihin-Tohoku line to Shin-Sugita. From Shin-Sugita, go to Seaside Line station and take to Hakkeijima.

We arrived at the island around 10 in the morning. We used the time to take photo on the bridge towards the island. During the walk, we heard music from the gate on the bridge. I think they must want people to recognize Hakkeijima as happy island.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise like most of the places near the center is a human-made island. Before the land reclamation project started, most of the places near the center is only a part of sea.

After finished taking photo, we went into the island. The first place we went, of course the information center. We have been advised by many that not many Japanese can speak English. We need to say a word first in Japanese before getting their help. We must be lucky or the island management must know the island will be visited by foreigner. The person managing the information counter can speak English.

Unfortunately, all the rides are close for maintainance. They only open Aqua Museum and Dolphin Fantasy. Never mind. We decided to purchase tickets to see the dolphin show.

The show was scheduled at 11 a.m. We know that the Japanese are the most punctual people on Earth. So, we rush to the show. The show is nice especially during the animals 'dancing' show. The 'dancing' show involve white dolphins, sealion and walrus performing their 'dancing' ability to the audience. The show lasted for 20 minutes I think. The closing was the best where lots of dolphins jump in the water. Nice show. At least its worth it.

After that, we tour the museum. Same as Aquaria in Malaysia, they show lots of fish species. The differences are they have polar bear, walrus and penguins. We tour the museum before finally went back to the center for lunch. Oh, I forgot. We also spent some time to buy souvenirs for family and friends back in Malaysia.

2.30 p.m, after lunch, we planned to go to Torihama. Or specifically Yokohama Bay. A place where one of my friend said almost look like Danga Bay. Torihama station is also in a Seaside Line. Two stations after Shin-Sugita. The fees from Shin-Sugita is around 230 Yen.

The bay is not immediately after the station. Has to walk for about 15-20 minutes. The weather that evening was cold because its only just 3 hours before dark.

I didn't brought my camera because the battery was empty. So, have to depend on others camera. I've got the pic but to lazy to upload. Maybe later.

The place claim the merchandise are from factory but the prices are much higher than in Malaysia. I'm not sure about Lego's price because never buy any Lego set before.

We spend sometimes outside to take the pictures. But the weather was colder and colder. So, we decided to go inside. Inside the shopping center, I try to survey a business suits. But the price are to expensive. Most are around 20k to 60k yen around RM600 - RM1800. So, I decided not to buy there.

Because dinner will only be served at 6.30 until 8.30 p.m we had some time left before went home. We had tea at Starbuck. The price is around 300 yen and above. My friends said the price are as same as in Malaysia. I got myself ice coffee (with caramel). After drink, we walked back 'home.

Tomorrow, I will write about the trip to Akihabara. Stay tuned guys.

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