Happy Holiday everyone

Starting tomorrow it will be a long weekends for most people. 26th April, Sultan of Terengganu will be installed as the next Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Malaysia. The government has agreed to made 26th April as a holiday for government servants. Some of my friends already took leave on 27th and 30th. On 1st May it is a labour day and because Wesak Day also fall on the 1st May so, the government also agreed to declare 2nd May as a public holiday. So, if you include Saturday and Sunday, it is almost one week holiday for most people. For me, I will work on 27th and 30th since I've got so many things to do. And also my wife will take CCNA exam on 28th. I'm not planning to go anywhere because of the fund shortage. ;)

Anyway, happy holiday everyone. Enjoy your holiday because I know I will enjoy mine. :D

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