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As you can see, I've made a few changes into this blog. I still try to incorporate my own template in this blog but to no avail. Maybe I need to learn about how to use the widget tag. If I has free time, I will try again but now I've been busy studying for incoming exam next month. Exam for government staff. For promotion and salary increase. I hope I will pass this exam. Why hope? Because my last exam is disaster. I need to repeat it 3 times before I passed it. How tiring.

I still continue writing my experience in Japan but its a slow process. With so many works and responsibilites right now made me too lazy to write. And also its been months since I came back from Japan. I'm lucky because I took lots of pics and save it in my laptop. So, I can still remember most of the things happened. I also writing the experience in BM and its more details than English version since the BM version is for me and friends that I know. But the very private events still remains private. Some of the moments cannot be describe in words such as when I walked to the bay with my friends. The moments at that time is worth a lot. Still miss them all.

Maybe I never expressed this but deep in my heart, I want to go back there to Japan. Its not because of the free society but its the situation there. I can't describe it but I think I can adapt to the environment. Everyday I read the news about Japan. One day I hope I will be there again. Maybe as IT workers or just as tourist. Sometimes, I searched the web for jobs in Japan. That's why I know about jobs opening in NEC. And also the thing that made me want to go back there is because I didn't stressed out on the road. Here, almost everyday I've been stuck on the road and watching behaviour of unresponsible driver. Driver that always cut queue and that didn't give signal when they want to turn. There, everywhere I went, I using the train. But if I want to go there again, I want to bring my family. Every night I miss my wife. Every night when I was at Japan. Every night I call her.

Heh, I really miss the moment at Japan I guess. I miss Chart's joke, Htet happy go lucky behaviour, Koko, A, Emma and all of you. Heck, sometimes I remember when we played Counter Strike at the cafe, going out at the night when the wind was so strong and the weather was so cold, walking to Jusco, ride in the train, watching the Japanese walking to their destination, choosing food to eat, doing programming at the lobby, attempt to ask direction from Japanese. Hehehe..its really worth every moment to go there. Its help built my character a little bit (still can't follow every aspect of Japanese life).

Back to the topic, as you can see, I still not putting my e-mail back in this blog. I still use the same email but please don't spam my mailbox. Oh, you can still send those mp3 or anything that you think I will appreciate but please no email about "How to enlarge your penis/breast" or "Viagra promotion" or etc. And also please don't send racist e-mail to me and if you want to forward something like "we can't eat this because its contain un-halal product", please check your facts first. Most of the forward email that I get sometimes is incorrect. Its not untrue but incorrect. Hehehe..but feel free to email me. :)

Another thing, will I continue my anime review? Yup. Will continue but not now. Maybe later. I love anime and I want to promote it. So, I will still continue my anime review.

As you can see also, I still write a little bit about current issues in Malaysia. I can't help it because sometimes I want to express something and since I has this blog, so, this is the place where I express my thinking and feeling.

Anyway, from time to time, I will change try to made some more changes here. So, if you have any comment, feel free to write to me. I open my comment section also for anonymous comments.

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