High Yield Investment Program - HYIP

Since several months ago, HYIP is becoming the top issues discussed in Malaysia. Why is the top issues? Because Buletin Utama (the most famous news program during Primetime cover the issue almost thoroughly).

I'm not sure how many Malaysian are affected by this programs but I sincerely sympathize with those join the programs because of others. I know some of them lost thousands of ringgit into the programs.

For those who still didn't join HYIPs, don't join. Because they does not provide you with agreement like banks, and legal funds does. And also they does not fall under Bank Negara legal jurisdiction (in other words, they does not register).

Back to the HYIPs. I really puzzled how people can join this programs in the first place and using your own money. If it is me, I will asked around or search from the Internet. Even at my office, some people know that I know more about HYIPs than I want to reveal. You know why? Because I don't want to hurt other people and say that they are stupid to join the programs from the Internet.

When you pour money into legal funds (insurance policy, pension funds, long term saving account, trust funds and etc) you will be given Terms and Conditions and also need to sign an agreement with the institutions. You still lost the funds if you withdraw in a short term but in long term, the team (funds company) will made sure you will get the profits. And also if something happen (like the company is closed or they cheated you) you can take legal action on them.

I laugh when I saw one of the victims asked government to protect them from the scam investment. Aduih, takkan government need to do everything to protect us. You already grown up, you suppose to know that the investment is a scam. If you do not know, refer to anybody that know about the program. You can asked me. I lose US$50 (not my money) in the HYIPs. I know that some of other people know better than me, but I can also help you.

Why I didn't join Swisscash, E-barrel and other that you need to transfer the fund using wire transfer? Because I smell something funny about it. I still remember the Nigeria's scam that need you to transfer your 'hard earned' money through wire transfer and then they were gone after they got the money. E-barrel and Swisscash use the same method as Nigeria's scam but in different 'flavor'. Instead of promising you to get cash from 'royal family' or 'millionaire general' or other 'rich person', they promise you will get rich by 'investing' your money. Yeah, yeah..I know that some people gain a lot from the programs. I also get some profits (although not big enough for me to retire from USM and has an happy life with my family) from the programs. I admit the money that I invest in HYIPs is the profit that I got from other HYIPs. But you must know when you need to join the programs.

I know Swisscash since 2005. I think somewhere around middle of 2005. I stumble upon the site. At those time, I desperately need cash for me. The Swisscash promised to return the initial fund and profits to me after 18 months. But I didn't joined because I need to wire transfer the money. Since then, I heard many people join the program. Still I am not tempted to join. Some of my friends already asked me why I do not join it. I laugh in front of their face when they tried to explain Swisscash and e-barrel to me. In my heart, "How dare you 'new guy' want to explain this scam to me?". Even the person that I do not know (I only know him on that day), try to coax me to participate. Why they tried so hard? Because they got income when you join them. 10% from your initial investment will go to them. And I remember one guy show me his statement in Swisscash website. So, at that time I used Obi argument : "The money is not your money when it is not in your hand (or bank account)". Using this argument, I asked the guy for his bank statement. His faced turned to red because he can't produce his bank statement. Ahaks. If you can't produce your bank statement how people can join laa. Stupid.

Back to my story. After Swisscash, I know other programs. At that time, I already registered an e-gold account and I've got 2 persons under me. Then I found one programs that allow you to transfer at least US$5 using any method to start investing. In my e-gold account I've got US$7++. So, I start investing $6 into it. They promised that they will send daily return into my e-gold account. Yeah, truly to their words, I've got the daily return. So, one month after that, I put another $5 into the account. 2 weeks later the website is closed. Oh shit! But I manage to get back my $12 from the program. But poor those latecomers. They lost entirely their money. Starting from that point, I tried one after another HYIPs (you can asked one of my friends about it. He see me invest on that programs). I lost some, I got some. So, in total from my initial $7 in my account, I've manage to get it to the tens of dollar. Not bad huh. But as I said I lose some, I got some. When you venture into HYIP's world, the thing that you need to remember, invest fast and withdraw fast. Don't invest in large sum of money. Even when someone said, the web admin is their friend.

But the thing is, it is better if you don't venture into HYIP's world. It is full with greedy people and liars. People will lied to get your money (including me). And this people using 'greed' in human to manipulate you into investing in their website. If you lose your money nobody can refund it back to you. If you really has lots of money, meet me. I will introduce you to some of people that I know (they manage trust funds). So, you could invest your money there. Or better if you are a Bumiputera put your money into ASB. Then put your ASB's book in bank's safe deposit. Don't withdraw it until 10 years later. Or better 20 years later. Or after you are retired. That is what will I do to my money in EPF.

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