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I'm being good today. For those who looking for jobs, don't despair. This blog will link you to the jobs offer by some of the best company in Malaysia (I hope so). Some of the jobs are not advertised in any media except on the company websites. Without further ado, I will put it here.

John Galts Games Malaysia offering lots of jobs position in Malaysia. Before this, it is known as Phoenix something-something(I forgot) that developed local MMORPG that is Fung Wan Online (is the name correct?). JGG Malaysia is offering jobs as Game Scripter, Game Designer, 3D Modeler/Animator, Game Programmer, Web Designer, Concept/Texture Artist, Tool Programmer, Server Programmer, DB Programmer, Flash & Web Programmer. If you are interested with the jobs, please apply at JGG website (as linked at the above).

Al Rajhi Bank is being called among the largest Islamic bank in the world (or is it the Islamic bank that has the largest fund?) is already opening branches in Malaysia. From its website and news, it is said that they will opening another branches soon here. They are offering some job positions for their branches in Malaysia. So, head there folks.

Nova Scotia bank is opening their 4th branches in Malaysia (near Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex) several months ago. They are already in Malaysia for 33 years and it looked like they will grow from 4 branches into several more in years to come. For now, the only opening is for accounting clerk position but I think they will offer more jobs in years to come.

Shell is a company that I does not has to introduce to most of you. Its has established its presence in Malaysia for years now. I've trying to search for vacancies at Shell Malaysia but I only found from Where to Work website. Okay, I found it. Go to this site. My search skill still great after all. Heh.

NEC Corporation is one of the best IT corporation in Asia. In Malaysia we've known it as one of computer and projector brand in the market. Besides that, NEC Malaysia also aim to become a total solution provider for businesses in Malaysia. It has several jobs offering on its Malaysia website (for 2 months now I see that the jobs offering is still there). Click here to see the jobs offering at NEC Malaysia.

There are other jobs opening from other companies that I receive from my juniors almost everyday. If I has the opportunity, I will post it in my blog. Oh, why I do this? It is because I always heard this phrase "There is no jobs out there for me". You are wrong folks. There are many jobs out there. You just need to search for it. If some of you like to try for jobs opening that I've already listed here in my blog, please do so. Oh, I don't has any relations with any companies that I listed here in my blog. They didn't give me anything (in cash or items) for me to post their jobs offering here. I just do it because I want to help you people. That's all. So, folks, go to the links that I've provided and read on how to apply for the jobs.

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