About programming - Part 1

I still thinking about this topic's title. Usually I think about the title first before I wrote the whole entry. But today its look like I can't.

Yesterday, I spent almost my whole day built my program while waited for the photo session. Suddenly I realized when I doing programming, its like I'm putting one stone upon the other to build a house or a building. All those functions, codes, variables and etc are simple enough if they are on their own but computer codes can't stand alone by themselves. It will get complicated each time when we create another function, put another statement, declare another variable into our codes.

It is same like building a house. The complexity in building a house will increase if the house contain lots of rooms, electrical wiring, water pipes and etc. That's why we need a plan or blueprint or whatever you call them when building a house.

I guess it is same as building a computer program. We need planning when create a large program. That's why I guess why some of us (including me) can't build a large and complex program because I rarely practice doing planning before coding. Maybe some of programmers (the smart ones) can build a complex computer program without planning but what happened when they want to pass the code for maintenance to someone else?

I attempt to do some planning (I mean using those DFDs, or UML notations) before I start programming but I failed each time. I can't concentrate long enough to do it. If you look at my 'collections' you can see I still keep my notes, those DFDs and UML diagrams I created for my programs. The notes keep remaining as notes. I've failed to convert it into digital form although I already has a lot of tools to do it. I can spend time in reading, and researching about many things but I can't spent much time in digitized my notes. Its weird, isn't it?

Anyway, this post will be a part of my 'thinking' or anything that rarely will influence me in real life. At least, when I think about this topic again later (I always think about the same thing in the future), I can read this entry again and amuse myself "look, i already think about this in 2007". Heh..

So, this is the end for this entry. Thanks for reading. The Japan entry will continue later. I promise. Not in the mood to upload pictures today. ^_^

Oyasuminasai, minna-san.

Ja, mata ne!

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-mAu!- yg keji said...

good observation mie. i think, if left on my own, the best software i can come up with would be equivalent to a reban ayam. ntah2 tu pun tak lepas, kekekeke