Japan Day 12 : Mount Fuji, Here I Come - Part 1

I met Kak Ida today to tell her that the smartcard counter will be closed for one week starting next Monday. She told me, she already visited this blog to read my travelogue to Japan. She asked me to continue writing. So, as a thanks, this post is for Kak Ida. Hehehehe...

This is the first part. The second part will be posted later.

Date of this entry (supposedly) : 21st January 2007

We registered for a trip to Mount Fuji on the first day we at Japan. We saw the ads in the lift. When we think that this is our chance to go there without to fork lots of money, we registered and paid 1,000 Yen (about RM30++). The trip was part of YKC Friendship Tour organized by YKC. It was a wise decision to go there because later we found, the trip to go there might cost you between 3,000 - 5,000 Yen (RM90 - RM150).

A day before the trip, we had been advised by receptionist to wake up early on the day trip. It is because the place is far from YKC and also to organized more than hundred people participated in the trip will take time.

That night, me, Htet, G-san and several others promises to wake up each other the next morning. I worried actually because I can't slept well these few days.

I woke up around 6.00 a.m but managed to go back to sleep and woke up at 6.30 - 6.45 a.m. Took a quick bath. Luckily, I already charge my camera's battery and clear the memory card last night. I already prepared my thing and put it on the table.

7.00 a.m, I went to the lobby. Before that, I think I called G-san or/and Htet. I'm not so sure since it almost 4 months after the event. I greeted the receptionist "Ohaiyo gozaimasu (Good morning)" and gave my key to him (I think I already explained that we need to gave our room key to receptionist every time we went out for trip or shopping or walking outside of YKC).

Many people already arrived at the lobby. Then, we've been told to go to our respective buses outside. The weather outside was nice but cold (as expected from winter but no snow, sorry). We checked our bus from YKC staffs.

We departed from YKC around 7.30 a.m (do anyone remember the exact time?) but still the staff look a little bit worried because we already late several minutes from schedule. Some of us bring food just in case. The trip took almost or more than 2 hours. Most of us were sleeping but I managed to capture some photos from inside the bus.

Scenery on our trip

The paddy field. The real thing look much nicer than this picture.

Around 1 hour later, our guide told us that we will stop for a while at one of R&R. We've been given 15 minutes to go to toilet, and buy some snack in case we were hungry (I've managed to eat banana as breakfast this morning, so not that hungry). True to Japan way, there are lots of vending machine there at the R&R. If you don't like to buy from vending machine, there is a shop selling stuff, cafeteria and food stall selling food, drink and snack. Even takoyaki is sold there.

My friend in his "what-I-want-to-buy" pose. As you can see, there are 3 vending machines in this picture and all three offer variety of drinks.

The vending machine, again! Sorry for the picture poor quality.

They were waiting for us the "always-late" guys. ;)

We departed from R&R 20 minutes later (still can't adapt ourself to honor the time like Japanese). This time, our guide made sure we didn't slept, so she made us to introduce ourselves. Most of us introduce ourselves in English although there were some people introduce themselves in Japanese. I only use Nihongo to greet people but I forgot to add "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu" before I wrap up my introduction. I even asked Lan before that.

9.30 a.m we arrived at Gurimpa Park. It is located near Mount Fuji. If we go to Mount Fuji, we can't take the mountain's picture. So, we need to be near the mountain. The weather at the park is much colder than YKC. Maybe we were much higher and north'er' (is there such a word?) than YKC (not sure. I just speculated).

The beautiful Mount Fuji. Wait. There is much nicer pictures. :)

We stop in front of the resort and been told to follow the guide first before going to other places in the park. Because we are not Japanese, we disobey a little bit the rule but some of us really follow it. :)

In front of the park entrance. Find my friends in the picture. There are 5 of them.

I followed the guide albeit much slower than the rest while some of my friends stop and took pictures. I arrived at the rent trailer with some of ITAC members. I went in and put my bag. I didn't bother to take water-proof clothes from our guide since I decided not to play anything. I took pictures of people in front of the mountain. Then I asked G-san to take mine.

Me and Mount Fuji. Thanks G-san.

I like this picture. Both of the guys are my friends in ITAC course. Still bachelor in case some girls asked. Just kidding, bro. ;)

The first thing I searched at any new place is a toilet. I really map out where the toilet is. It is a habit of mine. After found the toilet, I join the rest of my friends at the 'sloop?'. I only watched them play at first but my friends (and guides) were insisted me to play. I slide the 'hill' for 2 times. The rest of my time I used to take pictures.

The scenery.

A pose before sliding down the hill.


Bye guys. See you down there.

Smile then slide.

First attempt.

It's so damn 'syiok'. I want to do again.

The spectators. The ITAC members. 1 from Malaysia, 3 from Myanmar, 2 from Thailand. We laughed at those who slide on the hill but in turn, the guys laughed back at us.

Me during the first attempt. My friend pose can be translated like this "You laughed at me before, now your turn so I can laughed back at you. One, two, GO!"

Its cold up here.

Let's try riding in pair and see who is faster.

Introducingggggggggg, theeeeeeeeeeee sliderrrrrrrrrrrr.

It's exhilarating sliding down the hill. Your heart beat faster, and I think your adrenaline is higher. Involuntarily, you will shouted at the top of your voice during the slide. And of course, you feel a little bit cold.

Next, in part 2, I will take you around the park and to Gutemba shopping mall. Until then, stay tuned.

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