Japan Day 25 : Shopping at Yokohama & Kannai

This post is part of my trip to Japan. The story still in writing but since I think I too lazy to write in sequence, I will write the day where I remember and based on pictures also. I will put it to its correct date after several days.

Date of this entry (supposedly) : 3rd February 2007

Today I decided I just want to stay in my room. Catching up sleep since I've been playing CS with my friends for quite a while at the dining hall. I also decided stay at my room because of depleted fund. Although I could get some money from ATM, I think it is not a good thing to do. I promise I will use only the money given during this training.

But I guess staying at room is not that fun. So, I access to the Internet. I think Ghazaly or Hanum asked where to go today but I said nowhere I guess. But somehow the planned is changed and after lunch time, 5 of us were walking to the train station.

Our target is to go to Yodobashi outlet at Yokohama. Since me, Htet and Emma already been there once, so, why not taking Ghazaly and Hanum. So, there we were, taking train to Yokohama.

Since at YKC, Emma said she want to change some money into Yen. We already know we need to go to Porta for money exchange outlet but all of us don't know where the Porta is.

Based on the direction given by the receptionist at YKC, we scour the underground train terminal at Yokohama to find Porta. That is the nice thing about some train station at Japan. If you want to buy something, you don't have to exit the train station. Just walk in the underground terminal and somehow you will see outlet sell almost everything.

We found Porta at last and suprise, suprise. At first I thought it is just another branch of extension of Yokohama train terminal but how wrong I am. It is an underground shopping complex. Quite large and have many exit and entrance. Since we need to hurry (because we arrived at Yokohama around 2.30 p.m), so, we immediately went to search for the outlet. But not without asking the location from information counter first. With limited Japanese vocabulary and words, we just asked the receptionist there. If you guys see us, maybe you will laughing very hard. We managed to arrive at the money exchange outlet where Emma exchanged some money there.

This is part of Porta

Little Italy at Porta

We walked to Yodobashi after that. On the way, we encountered one stall selling lots of watches. My friends decided to stop there for a while (not while at all actually..hehehe) to look at those watches. Maybe almost 30 - 40 minutes there, we walked to Yodobashi with the 'treasures' from the watch shop. Excluding me, the average quantity of watches that my friends bought was 2 watches/person and someone bought a belt. Hehehe..not at Yodobashi and my friends already spent more than 20,000 yen (ni-man en) there.

After several 'hiccups' along the way, we arrived at Yodobashi. We split into several groups with promises that we will meet again at the 1st Floor. Me didn't buy much. Only handphone accessories for my sisters, and camera's kits for myself. Only spend 5,000 yen there. I forgot what Htet bought for himself. Hanum and Ghazaly also bought something.

Handphone's accessories for my sisters

Battery for my camera

Cleaning kits for my camera

Emma decided to go back to YKC after that although some of us a little bit worried about it. Emma insisted she will be okay throughout the journey so, me and Htet guess it is fine but we still accompanied her to the train station. Htet and I waited for Hanum and Ghazaly for our next trip. Htet said he want to see the Curry Museum. When Hanum and Ghazaly arrived, Hanum said she wanted to go to Kannai. Since the Curry Museum also near Kannai, so, why not.

We arrived at Kannai around 5 to 5.30. Not remembered the exact time but it is already sunset and the weather that night was cold (every night at Japan was cold but we still went outside). Hanum became our tour guide there but we got lost eventually. Oh well, we always got lost during our time at Japan. One more will not hurt. We walked at Kannai. This is the first time all of us ever arrived at Kannai. The city itself looked quite nice and like most Japan cities, it is pack with people but lesser than Yokohama.

'Gateway' to shopping street

One of the park at Kannai

Most small shops already closed at that time except several big shops and also most restaurants still opened for business. Hanum thought the shop she wanted to find is already closed, so, we seek the curry museum.

When we arrived there, I laughed very hard. Why? See the pictures below. The curry museum is actually a big places where they put the very best curry restaurants there. Its like a food court here in Malaysia but with a nice setting and theme. We tour the 'museum' for several minutes before going for the adjoining outlet beside the 'museum'.

In front the 'museum'

Inside the museum

It is a nice entertainment outlet with lots of gaming machines there. We've been there for 20 - 30 minutes since we still got time before going back to YKC. From Kannai to Sangyoshinko Center it will take around 30 minutes (depending on the train, need to change train at Shin-Sugita). Dinner will only closed at 8.30 p.m. Htet got some nice toy there. Luck maybe. :P

Anyway, on the way out of the building, we saw other machines at the outlet. Pachinko machines, slot machines and the very nice machine ever is the horse racing table. It is nice. We arrived at YKC around 7.30 and me and Htet went straight to dining hall (cold weather + lots of walking = empty stomach). We saw our friends there eating their dinner. We joined them and they asked where we went for the day. We told them about our journey and show them what we bought.

Race machine. Cute isn't it?

Nice journey for today although I'm not spend much on purchasing. Some other time perhaps.

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