Maritime unit for DoTCAM

Source : The Star
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The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry aims to set up its maritime enforcement unit within three years to combat smuggling.

What the heck Shafie want maritime enforcement unit for his ministry? Don't he know what the role of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency supposed to play? What he thinking when he gave the statement to the press?

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (let just call them Malaysian Coast Guard) is established to create an agency that will enforce Malaysian Maritime Laws. The creation of this agency is believe will relieve TLDM (Malaysian Navy) from doing enforcement work. This agency will also centralized other maritime enforcement agency into one single entity. The creation of this single entity will also save government budget into purchasing new ship for enforcement. Instead of buying ships for several agency now the government can purchase ships for only two agency, Malaysian Navy and Malaysian Coast Guard. So, Shafie's proposal to create maritime enforcement unit for his ministry will shattered the role need to be played by Malaysian Coast Guard. If he didn't satisfy with the coast guard performance, bring it to the Cabinet for discussion. Train more personnel for the agency and buy more ships. Instead of creating new unit, just collaborate with them. We are in the same country and even in the same organization, that is Government of Malaysia. Don't be too 'boros' Shafie. The fund for you unit can be channeled into other things.

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