My Chemical Romance

Ever heard about a band name "My Chemical Romance"? The first song I've heard from them is Helena. I've never like any particular artist. I like song but not their singer but when I like that particular artist singing that particular song, I will only hear that song by that artist.

Back to My Chemical Romance, I heard their first song Helena from one of free TV station in Malaysia. I think its 8TV. Fall in love with that song since that time. And after that, I heard "I'm Not Okay (I promise)" song from them. Also like that song.

When The Black Parade album is released, I never thought I would buy it. But still heard that song from radio station. I like the song "Welcome to Black Parade" and also the lyrics.

At Japan, when I browse for cds (requested by Rizman), I looked at the album. Its looked like a gamble, I buy the album. I heard the entire album at my room later that night. Fortunately, I think my investment is very worth because I like most of the songs in the album. Now, beside "Welcome to Black Parade", I like the song "I Don't Love You". Want to hear that songs? Please e-mail me requesting the song's sample.

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