Am I a blogger?

When I startup this blog one year ago (or is it 2 years?), I want to create like a live journal that I will remember and treasure (maybe) later in my life. Then, I caught up with 'blogger syndrome'. Its affected me because I wanted to be part of the group. But later, after I stop updated my blog for quite sometimes, I think I will never classify myself as blogger (for now).

The reasons are simple :
1. I never advertise this blog to other communities except at
2. The address I only give to close friends and colleagues. Never to person that totally stranger to me. Maybe there are someone that stumble upon this blog and like it (but I don't think so) and keep coming back to read.
3. I will never get income from blogging (if this what you call it). My adsense still stuck almost at the same value since months ago (although it increase a little bit since I update quite a lot, thanks guys).
4. You didn't see lots of comments here. :D

Anyway, I will keep writing in this blog (or should I call it my life journal?) for myself sake. If I want to keep all my thinking to myself, I think I will go crazy. Hehehe..And anyway, when I write, my stress level is decreasing and I feel better.

Thanks for coming (and keep coming) to my blog. I really appreciate it although I know that some of my thinking is rather different than yours. ;)

p/s: You see that I still didn't put links to another blogs here. I really like to put but I'm not so sure about it. Nowadays, I visited only a handful of other blogs. Most of my time surfing the net now is used by reading online newspapers like International Herald Tribune, The Star, ABC Science & Technology News, BBC News, Newsweek Science & Technology section and another newspaper that I keep forgetting. I've rarely visited any forums now since not good to my 'health'. So, we'll see what I'll put in my link later. ^_^

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