The car's battery failed

My car's battery failed today. After all the days that it had, it decided to fail today. And my fund almost to the limit this week. After all, many things happened this week that required lots of money to be 'invested'. *cry out loud*

Anyway, I learn important thing today. Need to be friends with someone in the neighbourhood. I called Proton Edar's mechanic today just to jumpstart my car. :( If I got the equipment that he has, I can charged others. Muahahaha..Had to fork out RM130 to replace the old battery. It already in the service for 2 years now (not including during it's time in storage). I'm glad it didn't decided to stop on the road. The funny thing is, it only failed after I brought my wife to had a breakfast at Bakti (she wanted to go there for breakfast today).

Thank you so much for your 2 years service with me. I really appreciate it. But my car is very low in term of mileage. This is my third year in using that car and it only reach 23600++ km. But I know it will reach another 5000 km in just 2 months time. :)

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