UM will be relocated?

I read it here about it. When I read it, I am shocked about the news. I really don't like with this rumour. You know, most of rumours in our country is true after some time. Like Pak Lah remarried, the rumour already surfaced since the beginning of this year. And also the sour relationship between Dr M and Anwar in 1998. And many other things.

I hope this rumour is not true. Imagine if companies can relocate UM (the oldest university in Malaysia) to other place, what happened to other universities that resides on the prime land like USM main campus in Penang, UKM at Bangi and UPM at Serdang? I pray to God the rumour will stay as rumour but if it is true I hope the company who plan it will go bankrupt. If this happened, it is true that our countrymen doesn't respect knowledge and academic institutions.

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