Blocking the web, it is a good idea?

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When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced the establishment of Multimedia Super Corridor, he as Malaysian Prime Minister at that time pledged and promised that Malaysian Goverment will not blocked access to any website on the Internet. Now, Security Commission (SC) and Ministry of Finance (MoF) has broken our government pledged by blocking access to the scam websites just because many Malaysian were/are stupid enough to put money into the site. Its not because I don't agree with the government in this matter. I partially agreed with the decision but by blocking this sites, who can say that the government can't and won't blocked another site in the future?

After blocking the scam websites, now, someone already proposed to checked websites for pornography and seditious materials. Because the argument is, if SC and MoF can block access to the scam websites, why can't other ministry block access to this or that website. And what after this? The political party can blocked sites that didn't agree with them? For example, if I didn't agree with Lim Kit Siang's thinking, will the government blocked my site? See what I'm talking here? After a while, the blocking method will become a tool for political parties (BN, DAP, PAS, Keadilan and etc) to crush anyone who don't agree with them. And later, we can't even enjoy our freedom to surf the Net. No more Dilbert's, and PhD comics for me. No more porno for those guys and girls. No more good (and bad) articles for us to read. Imagine that.

I don't want our country go down towards China approach. I want the Internet free from blocking. So what if someone access pornographic content. It is their fault. Takkanlah kerajaan nak bertanggungjawab atas segala kebodohan rakyat Malaysia? Come on laa..Grow up la rakyat Malaysia. Sampai bila nak mengadu kat kerajaan. Sape suruh korang percaya kat website-website tu? Lepas dah kena tipu melolong2 kat kerajaan suruh block access ke website tersebut. Aduih, apa la nak jadi.

To my beloved Malaysian, please remember Dr M pledged back then. Please keep in your mind, the Internet is like this world. Not all in this world are good for us but not all is bad. Internet is like that. Read but don't believe 100%. Please read the finer point (e.g FAQ or Terms and Conditions) before you put your money. And please asked someone if you have some doubt towards those website or before you 'invest' in it. Please, we almost reached towards our 50th year of independence but by doing this, our independence is meaningless.

That's all I think.

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