Japan Day 12 : Mount Fuji, Here I Come - Part 3

This is the continuation of my previous post

We continue our journey to Gutemba outlet to have some lunch and do some shopping (not me). I really like this journey because I learn a lot and know a lot of stories from my friends especially G-san. These stories were not important now and maybe not in the near future but when I've decided to start writing again (fiction), I think this stories will play some part in my overall stories.

Tired and hungry but happy. I can't describe how happy I am with the trip. The relationship between us are strengthen (more) during this trip. But luckily, my camera was really okay during the journey.

Our 'tour guide' explained to us about the Gutemba outlet. The weather outside was cold on that day and its getting colder each hour. She also explained the time we supposed to arrive and when we need to come back to our buses.

We arrived at Gutemba outlet around 1 p.m. Our guide told us to come back at 3.00 p.m. The first thing we see was this vehicle. It's a Hummer but when I glance at it, its look like a Humvee.

Gutemba Premium Outlet has lots of premium brands there. It is based on open mall concept and it is divided into two sections where you need to cross a pedestrian bridge to go from one section to another. We are too hungry and cold to capture lots of pictures. So, I can't show you much about the Gutemba's outlet.

The front 'door' of Gutemba outlet

The bridge

Because it is Sunday, there are a lot of people there. We decided to eat at McDonalds because it's 'fast' and convenient. But as we arrived there, we guess wrong. Japanese throng the place and the queue is quite long. God. I hate to queue. Anyway, the services at Japanese McD are quite efficient compared to Malaysian McD. And a peculiar thing about all McD outlets in Japan whether it is at Gutemba, Akihabara or even at our 'remote' Jusco outlet, customer need to clean their table. After eating at McD's Japan, you need to bring your tray and all the garbage to the garbage bin. On a peak time, there might be an attendant there to help you to sort out the trash. Yeah, you read it right. You need to sort the trash. The combustible (that means paper and those leftover food) goes into one garbage bin while plastic goes into another bin. Blame it on lack of resources at Japan mainland but the system works. Even at foreigner at YKC (that us) follow the system. If not, you will get some lesson from the cleaner. :)

After eat, we didn't have that much time left. But Htet, Thuzar and Koko want to buy some watch. So, I follow them from one shop to another. And I saw one dress that really beautiful and I noticed the price was quite cheap. I entered the shop and really want to buy it for my wife but alas, what I saw is the scarf's price. The dress is quite expensive. If I remember correctly it is about 15,000 Yen. It is about RM 450 during that time exchange rate.

Me, Thuzar, Koko and Htet (and I think Emma too) were quite late to enter the bus. Our teachers are quite mad by then. Her face had turned red. While the other teacher were mumbling something incomprehensible to us. I apologized profusely. Hehehe..

On our way back, we've been asked to sing something in our language. The Indonesian guys enjoy themselves. While we the ITAC class also participate well. The only Malaysian participant at YKC (during that time) was from ITAC class. While Indonesian and Vietnamese had a considerable participation from other courses.

When we nearly arrived at the YKC (is at Fukuura actually), the teacher asked whether we want to go back to YKC or to go to Jusco. I choose to go to Jusco to get something to eat. Its Sunday and the cafe was close. Some of my friends also decided to go to Jusco. Ghazaly and Hanum remain on the bus back to YKC. I've separated from my friends inside Jusco. I said to them I will went back alone to YKC and don't wait for me. I'm not sure why the heck I go to another level. Maybe some errand of mine or I want to see prices of some electronic items. I'm not sure. I went around Jusco for quite some time. Then I go to the 100 yen shop for a while. After that, I go to the Jusco store to buy some thing to eat but then decided to only buy bread from the bakery. Oh well. If I went hungry at night I still got packs of chocolate in my room.

Then I walked alone back to YKC. The thing is at the Kanazawa-ku, it is an industrial sector for Yokohama, so, not much home at the 'district'. The only homes I saw is near Jusco. So, not much car there. You can cross the street quite easy. Walked back to YKC was really tiring. With cold wind keep blowed onto my face, I felt that I never be warm again. I arrived safely at YKC. The person in charge at YKC's front desk knew me and gave me my room's key (or only my key still in their possession. who knows).

I took a bath and surf the Net while eating. Then somebody called me to go for lepaking at YKC's cafe. I went for a while. Then as usual, I call my wife before I went to sleep.

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