Installing Rocks 4.2.1 - for frontend

This entry is to guide me on how to install Rocks into my cluster. It is for me only but you can read it also. I'm tired searching the Rocks mailing list so, I've decided to put the solution (that I found) here in this blog.

When at first I install Rocks, it never get pass to the X-Window (Graphical User Interface - GUI) of Rocks. The problem is like this :

Attempting to start native X Server
Waiting for X Server to start....log located in /tmp/X.log
1..2..3..4..5.. X Server started successfully
Starting graphical installation...
The application 'mini-wm' lost its conection to the display :1.0
Most likely X server was shut down or you killed/destroyed the application
Sending termination signals ....done
Sending kill signals ...done
disabling swap...
unmounting filesystem...
/mt/runtime umount failed (16)
disabling /dev/loop2 LOOP_CLR_FD failed : 16
/proc/bus/usb done
/proc umount failed (16)
/dev/pts done
/sys done
/tmp/ramfs umount failed (16)
/mnt/cdrom done
/export done
rebooting system
kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on unknown block (8,3)

So, I search the mailing list for the problem. It has 2 solutions. The first solution, make sure your frontend (or master node) has 1 GB of RAM. Less than that, you may encounter the problem. The other solution is by doing this (I've got this from here) :

In the ks.cfg file in the Kernel CD, the following commands for Anaconda are given:

dispatch.skipStep("handleX11pkgs", permanent = 1)
dispatch.skipStep("videocard", permanent = 1)
dispatch.skipStep("monitor", permanent = 1)
dispatch.skipStep("xcustom", permanent = 1)

As a result, Anaconda does not bother detecting the video card and just runs. This was the source of the problem for the failure to load X. As such, the solution is to download the .iso, mount the .iso and copy the contents into another directory for modification:

mkdir /tmp/kernel-iso
mount -o loop kernel-4.2.1-0.x86_64.disk1.iso /tmp/kernel-iso
cp -av /tmp/kernel-iso /tmp/kernel-iso-new

modify these lines in the ks.cfg file as follows:

dispatch.skipStep("handleX11pkgs", skip = 0)
dispatch.skipStep("videocard", skip = 0)
dispatch.skipStep("monitor", skip = 0)
dispatch.skipStep("xcustom", skip = 0)

remake the .iso:

mkisofs -o /tmp/kernel-4.2.1-new.iso -b isolinux/isolinux.bin \
-c isolinux/ -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 \
-boot-info-table -J -R -V 'kernel disk1' .

burn it and run again.

Now, I managed to get until partitioning my hard disk. After I had set on how to partition the hard disk, Anaconda ask for Core Roll CD (that contains Area 51, Ganglia, SGE and etc). When I clicked next, this error was displayed :

Traceback (most recent call last) :
File "/var/tmp/anaconda-", line 1074, in handleRenderCallback self.currentWindow.renderCallback()
File "/tmp/updates/usr/lib/anaconda/", line 249 in renderCallback self.intf.icw.nextClicked()
File "/var/tmp/anaconda-", line 789 in nextClicked self.dispatch.gotoNext()
File "/var/tmp/anaconda-", line 171 in gotoNext self.moveStep()
File "/var/tmp/anaconda-", line 239 in moveStep rc=apply(func, self.bindArgs(args))
File "/tmp/", line 1409 in RocksPreInstall
File "/tmp/", line 1397 in RocksReadComps
File "/tmp/", line 1332 in RocksGetRools
File "/tmp/", lone 1269 in downloadRoll

OSError:[Errno 2] No such file or directory :

My team managed to install the frontend node today. It is because we need to install automatic partitioning. I don't like automatic partitioning but I think I can endure it. But now the screen is hang. Let see if it can managed to load all of it. I'll post another updates later.

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