Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM)

Once I wrote some review about PGSM Live Action. I'm not Sailormoon fan and still not until today but the live action is really interesting and for someone who don't like Sailormoon series, I've managed to watch all 49 episodes in PGSM live action and the special act.

Tonight before writing this entry, I'm searching PGSM live action episode 1. I just want to show it to some friends that really like Sailormoon series. Because the series was broadcasted on the year 2003, so its hard to get the episode. Even Tv-Nihon who sub the series also already removed the torrents from their website. Although I has another solution, I still trying to direct download from website (because its faster). To download it from IRC is out of question because I need to search for the bots that host the episodes.

Anyway, during the searching, I managed to get all the websites that dedicated themselves for PGSM Live Action. So, here it is, the link to website that tried hard to preserve PGSM Live Action.

1. Serecindra's PGSM Storyboards
Here you can find Serecindra's hard work. She managed to capture the screen for PGSM fans and post it here. You can find all the act (episodes) for PGSM Live Action here.

2. Sailor Dream : Multimedia Section
You can find commercial, video klips, cast pictures, and etc that related to PGSM Live Action here. I also found Kitagawa Keiko and Hama Chisaki pictures here (although once, I really had lots of their pictures in my PC). And the nice thing about this website is the PGSM calendar. The producer of PGSM giving away this calendar for free when the show still running. Its features all the five sailor senshi here. This is among pictures I've downloaded from them (sample for you guys).

Kitagawa Keiko's picture taken from the site

This is Hama Chisaki. In this series, she play her role as Sailor Mercury (during transformation) and Mizuno Ami.

3. Wikipedia page on PGSM

Maybe Wikipedia can't be your trusted source but at least it is reliable for PGSM. So, if you want to know about the whole series (in general), just read the page.

Heh..That's all from me. This post is a step for me to go back to the anime review. ;)

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